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Command Summary

Puts Quadrant 1 in the viewing window.

Command Syntax


Menu Location


Calculator Compatibility

OS 2.53MP and above

Token Size

2 bytes

ZQuadrant1 was introduced in OS 2.53MP. As it's name might imply, it puts Quadrant I in the viewing window (the upper-left quadrant). Here are the window settings it affects:

  • Xmin is set to 0 and Xmax is set to 9.4 making each pixel .1 units.
  • Ymin is set to 0 and Ymax is set to 9.4 (each pixel is 47/310 units)
  • Xscl and Yscl are set to 1
  • ΔX is set to .1
  • ΔY is set to 47/310
  • Xres is set to 1

This command does not seem to work in programs.

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