The ZFracX Command

Command Summary

Scales window settings relative to pixel length and height

Command Syntax


Menu Location


Calculator Compatibility

OS 2.53MP+

Token Size

2 bytes

ZFracX refers to a collection of Zoom commands in for the OS 2.53MP and up. The calculator boasts six such commands, each replacing X with a fraction of some sort. The commands all essentially operate in the same manner, so they are all covered here on this page.

This command centers the origin of the graph and makes each pixel X units tall and wide where "X" refers to the suffix of the command. For example, ZFrac1/3 makes each pixel a length of and height of 1/3, which means that each square unit would be a 3x3 square of pixels. It also sets Xscale and Yscale to 1.

It is useful when the users wants each pixel to be a uniform length and height, though other commands such as ZSquare, ZDecimal, and ZInteger also create a friendly window, and being more compatible, they would be more useful in programming across calculators.

The following is a list of the available ZFracX commands:

  • ZFrac1/2
  • ZFrac1/3
  • ZFrac1/4
  • ZFrac1/5
  • ZFrac1/8
  • ZFrac1/10

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