Wiki Markup Limitations

Although the wiki markup language provides a rich set of features and functionality for designing and laying out a page, one major limitation that it has is it does not allow formatting inside a link or code block. Specifically, you cannot display text or numbers as superscript (text is smaller and displayed at the top of the line) or subscript (text is smaller and displayed at the bottom of the line) respectively.

These particular command pages are the primary pages that this limitation impacts, and subsequently the commands are not able to be displayed like they would be on the calculator. Any page containing one or more of these commands will have a disclaimer, and links to more information on the individual commands affected.

Here is a listing of each command affected, along with how it will appear in this wiki, the command's proper name, and how to access it on a calculator:

Table of Contents


  • Radian Symbol
  • Appears as r on a calculator
  • To type, press:
    1. [2nd]
    2. [Angle]
    3. [2] or use arrows to select r


  • Transpose
  • Appears as T on a calculator
  • To type, press:
    1. [2nd]
    2. [Matrix]
    3. [Right] to access MATH submenu
    4. [2] or use arrow keys to select T


  • Base 10 exponent symbol
  • Appears as E on a calculator
  • To type, press:
    1. [2nd]
    2. [EE]

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