The Vertical Command

Command Summary

Draws a vertical line on the graph screen.

Command Syntax

Vertical X

Menu Location

In the program editor:

  1. 2nd DRAW to enter the draw menu.
  2. 4 to insert the Vertical command, or use arrows and ENTER.

Calculator Compatibility


Token Size

1 byte

Vertical X draws a vertical line from the top of the graph screen to the bottom at X. Vertical is usually only used to replace a line that stretches the entire length of the graph screen, along with its counterpart Horizontal.

Vertical is affected by the window settings, unlike the Pxl- commands.

:Vertical 5

Uses on TI 84+C Version Calculators

The Vertical command takes an additional color argument for TI 84+C version calculators, as shown below:

Vertical 5,BLACK

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