The uwAxes Command

Command Summary

Sets the u and w sequence equations to be graphed against each other.

Command Syntax


Menu Location

When Seq mode is enabled, press:

  1. 2nd FORMAT to access the format menu.
  2. Use arrows to select uwAxes.

Calculator Compatibility


Token Size

2 bytes

When uwAxes is enabled, and the calculator is in Seq mode, the equations u and w will be graphed against each other (that is, the points (u(n),w(n)) are graphed for the values of n between nMin and nMax). With this setting, sequence mode graphs are a bit like parametric mode, except the parameter n is always an integer, and recursive definitions are possible.

The equation v is ignored when in uwAxes mode.

See "Related Commands" for other possibilities of graphing sequences.

Error Conditions

Related Commands


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