TI-83 To-Do List

Please feel free to add stuff to the list, and check it off when done.

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TI-83/84/+/SE To Do List
Complete C Series Hex Codes
Create 68k Starter Kit
Artificial Intelligence
Board Games
Revise Controlling Flow
Improve ExecLib
Improve OpenLib(
[Create page] Shadeχ²(
[Add screenshot] tvm
[Add screenshot] χ²GOF-Test(
[Add screenshot] invT(
[Add screenshot] BackgroundOff
[Add screenshot] BackgroundOn
[Add screenshot] LinRegTInt
[Add screenshot] Thick
[Add screenshot] Thin
[Add screenshot] Dot-Thick
[Add screenshot] Dot-Thin
Monospace Commands within appropriate pages
Work on Nspire Content
Work on most of Technique pages
Advanced Xlib Usage
Add images to Nspire
Fix new program archive entries
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