TI-83 To-Do List

Please feel free to add stuff to the list, and check it off when done.

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TI-83/84/+/SE To Do List
Complete FRAC
Complete Sigma()
Work on Nspire Content
Update OS Changelog
Monospace Commands/add Color functionality within appropriate pages
Complete CSE/CE Series Hex Codes
Fix any errors in the Starter Kit and make it easier to read
Complete 68k Starter Kit
Properly delineate ASM hex codes (83+/CSE/CE)
Update Friendly Graphing Window for C Series
[Add screenshot] χ²GOF-Test(
[Add screenshot] LinRegTInt
Fix new program archive entries
Add all programming pages in 68k section
Complete Nspire index
Revise Controlling Flow
Work on most of Technique pages
Improve ExecLib
Improve OpenLib(
Artificial Intelligence
Complete Offline Command Reference
Advanced Xlib Usage
Fix the link for ti-connect in downloads
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Constantly check on The Archives To-Do.


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