TI-84+ Tokens

The token 0xEF signifies the beginning of a two-byte token added on the TI-84+(C[S]E). The tokens up to Manual-Fit are for the TI-84+ and the others for the corresponding TI-84+C(S)E.

TI-84+(C[S]E) Tokens (0x00 - 0x6F)
0 1 2 3 4 5 6
0 setDate( ClockOn ►n/d◄►Un/d Image1
1 setTime( OpenLib( ►F◄►D BLUE Image2
2 checkTmr( ExecLib remainder( RED Image3
3 setDtFmt( invT( Σ( BLACK Image4
4 setTmFmt( χ²GOF-Test( logBASE( MAGENTA Image5 BackgroundOff
5 timeCnv( LinRegTInt randIntNoRep( GREEN Image6 GraphColor(
6 dayOfWk( Manual-Fit MATHPRINT ORANGE Image7
7 getDtStr ZQuadrant1 CLASSIC BROWN Image8 TextColor(
8 getTmStr( ZFrac1/2 n/d NAVY Image9 Asm84CPrgm
9 getDate ZFrac1/3 Un/d LTBLUE Image0 compiled asm (CSE)
A getTime ZFrac1/4 AUTO YELLOW Gridline DetectAsymOn
B startTmr ZFrac1/5 DEC WHITE BackgroundOn DetectAsymOff
C getDtFmt ZFrac1/8 FRAC LTGREY BorderColor
E isClockOn mathprintbox GREY

Note: these are tokens for the CE, from 80h and upper only OS 5.2 and from 9Eh and upper only OS 5.3.

TI-84+(C[S]E) Tokens (0x70 - 0xAF)
7 8 9 A
0 SEQ(n+1) Insert Line Above
1 Quartiles Setting… SEQ(n+2) Cut Line
2 u(n-2) LEFT Copy Line
3 tinydotplot v(n-2) CENTER Paste Line Below
4 Thin w(n-2) RIGHT Insert Comment Above
5 Dot-Thin u(n-1) invBinom( Quit Editor
6 v(n-1) Wait piecewise(
7 w(n-1) toString(
8 u(n) eval(
9 PlySmlt2 v(n)
A Asm84CEPrgm w(n)
B compiled asm (CE) u(n+1)
C v(n+1)
D w(n+1)
E Execute Program
F SEQ(n) Undo Clear


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