Slam Session


Program Summary

A 1 or 2 player basketball dunking game.

Program Size

4,200 bytes

Uses Libraries?


Calculator Compatibility



Jason Russell


While there aren't many sports games in TI-Basic, this game breaks that mold. The game involves playing against either another player or the calculator, and taking turns trying to make the best dunk possible. Each dunk is given a score from 1-10, and the player with the best cumulative score after three dunks wins.

The most basic dunk is just the standard slam dunk with one hand. You can increase the difficulty, though, by turning your body 180 degrees or doing a two-handed dunk; the more difficult the dunk, the higher the score. The game uses some simple controls: up to jump, right to run, left to stop, and CLEAR to reset.

This game is primarily just a fun time-waster, since once you memorize the best dunk combination, you can always be assured of beating or tying the other player or computer.


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