Summary Graphics
  1. Creating graphics is done on the graph screen, not the home screen.
  2. On the graph screen, locations are given either as point or pixel coordinates.
  3. Pixel coordinates start with (0,0) at the top left corner, like on the homescreen, but increment in individual pixels.
  4. Point coordinates depend on the window dimensions.
  5. You can adjust the window dimensions by manipulating the window variables and/or by using the zoom commands.
  6. You can also use the format commands to turn the axes off and other related things.
  7. You can save the window dimensions, format options, and other related things in a GBD. (Graph Database)
  8. Once you have the graph screen set up, you can draw on it using the draw commands.
  9. You can erase the graph screen with the ClrDraw command, and you can save what is on the graph screen in a Pic.(Picture)
  10. Unfortunately Pics can only store the entire screen. They also don't force pixels that are already black to become white; sometimes this can be a good thing.
  11. One particularly creative and effective way to create sprites is known as the text sprite method.This involves overlapping text to create sprites quickly.

Commands Introduced

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