Project Ideas

Now that you have learned the commands, design theory and game techniques, it's time to put that information to use. These project ideas are for programs that you should try to make to the given specifications, using whatever commands you need. Of course, the specifications aren't set in stone, so you don't have to include something if you don't want to.

In addition to following the specifications, try to make the programs as optimized as possible, and use good design when structuring them (i.e., don't use Goto when a loop is really what you should be using). If you can successfully make all of these programs, and have done a good job writing them, you can consider yourself a good programmer.

If you are having trouble making any of the programs, or you just want some input from other people, you can post in the forum. Before you do that, though, we encourage you to really try to create the programs and put some thought into them.

Phone Directory

Create a phone directory with these features:

  • Make a list of phone numbers, and also include the person(s) who own the phone number.
  • Display the phone numbers and person(s) on the screen.
  • Let the user sort through the phone numbers in ascending and descending order.
  • Let the user create, delete, and update the phone numbers and person(s).

Role-Playing Game (RPG)

Create an RPG with these features:

  • Use the home screen for the interface.
  • Split the map into multiple pieces, displaying each piece when needed.
  • Create a theme for the RPG and base everything off of it.
  • Give the player a few weapons to attack enemies with.
  • Create AI enemies that the player can battle for experience points.
  • Make a couple bosses that the player has to defeat to advance to the next level.
  • Upgrade the player weapons when set experience points are gained.


Create a snake game with these features:

  • Make a snake character that you can move around on the screen using the arrow keys.
  • Randomly display a piece of food on the screen for the snake to "eat".
  • Use collision detection to check if the food was eaten or the snake went off the screen.
  • If the snake goes over the screen boundaries, the snake is dead and the game is over.
  • Keep a highscore based on the highest amount of food the snake has eaten at one time.


Create a blackjack game with these features:

  • Use a graphical interface.
  • Have custom input for both players, alternating between players.
  • Implement all the rules of blackjack into the game.
  • Record the games won/lost by each player.


Create a hangman game with these features:

  • Use a graphical interface.
  • Use custom input for both players.
  • Have one player choose a word, and the other player guess the word.
  • The guessing player gets ten chances to guess the word before they lose.
  • The guessing player selects a letter that they think is in the word. If the letter is there, then that letter is revealed and the player doesn't lose a chance.
  • If the letter is not there, the player loses one of their chances.
  • If the player guesses all the letters in the word, they win. If they run out of chances before they get the word, they lose.

Flight Simulator

Create a flight simulator with these features:

  • Use the graph screen
  • Use way points and navigation
  • Use multiple computing systems to determine attributes such as location, speed, angles, weather, engine condition, distance, fuel etc.
  • Use auto piloting
  • Include output of direction, angle relative to horizon, attributes, and system efficiency
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