Basics Exercises


  1. What are the advantages of TI-Basic compared to assembly?
  2. Where do you edit programs on the calculator?
  3. What characters are allowed for a program name?
  4. How do you get an ERR:BREAK error?
  5. How do you get the letter variables A through Z?
  6. How do you store a value to a variable?
  7. Describe what input and output are, and give an example of each.
  8. What is the value of this conditional — A/B and C≥D — when A=52, B=3, C=0, and D=2?
  9. How many options are allowed in a Menu( command?
  10. Describe how a For( loop works, and give an example.


  1. Write a program that displays your name and age centered on the screen, underneath one another.
  2. Modify the STATES program below by adding a couple more options for U.S. states.
  3. Write a program that computes the sum of the first N positive integers, for a user-supplied value of N.
  4. Modify the NUMBERS program below to only display odd numbers.
:Menu("U.S. STATES","FL",FL,"NY",NY)
:Lbl FL
:Disp "FL"
:Lbl NY
:Disp "NY"
:Disp X
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