TI-Basic Resources

While we have tried to provide as much TI-Basic information here in this wiki as possible, there really is a whole TI community out there for helping you become a better, more capable programmer. With this thought in mind, the resources listed below provide some useful information of their own and they serve as a continuation after you are done with this site.

Besides reading the programming information that this wiki provides, there are several additional quality TI-Basic tutorials that other people have created that you might find handy.

Name Author
Complete TI-Basic Optimization Guide Arthur O'Dwyer
1337 Guide to TI-Basic Jonathan Pezzino & Kerm Martian
Making TI-Basic Shells Patrick Stone
2D TI-Basic Sprites Alex Snyder
Advanced Thinking Fred Sparks
No-Lib Guide to Sprites and Maps Thomas Dickerson
TI-Basic Greyscale Kevin Ouellet
TI-Freakware Tutorials Daniel Thorneycroft
Complete TI-Basic Tutorial Kerm Martian
BASIC Guru Tutorials Ben Ilegbodu
MJS 2000 Tutorials Unknown
Rogue's TI-86 Basic Tutorial Andrew Matta
HeaneySoft BASIC Tutorial Wayne Heaney
TI-83 Programming Tutorials Lue Her & Andy Becker
TI-Basic for Noobs Matt Lee


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