Command Summary

Pastes the content of a variable

Command Syntax

Rcl variable

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Calculator Compatibility


Token Size


Rcl is a functionality of the calculator which allows the user to paste the value of a variable into a text entry field. The Rcl function can be used anywhere where text entry is required, but may not be used as a command within a program. When the user presses [2ND][STO>], the Rcl prompt will appear. Enter the name of the variable that you wish to recall here, and press [ENTER]. For example, you could use Rcl to paste the contents of a string variable into an Input prompt in a running program.

Rcl Str1

Advanced Uses

Rcl can be used to paste one program into another program, allowing for duplicating programs on the calculator. This is particularly useful when modifying a working program. If you decide that your changes should be reverted, you will have a backup copy of the original program

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