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This is a program that is related to Oasis (A shell programmed in pure TI-Basic), and is programmed in pure TI-Basic.
It allows you to:
• Archive and Un-Archive programs
• Hide/Show programs
• Lock/Unlock programs
• Garbage Collect
• View Data about programs (Shows how many lines of code is in the program, tells if it is archived, hidden, locked, converts name to hexadecimal string, and shows how big that program is.)
• Delete/Create Programs

How to use

1. Make sure Celtic 3 is installed.
2. Input a program name you would like to manage. Make sure it exists and is in ALL caps, or the program will quit immediately.
3. Do the things you need to do.

You can however, press some "secret keys" to do certain functions, a short explanation will be explained.
• Garbage Collect
Do this by pressing [2ND] while you are at the main management screen. Keep in mind if you're using Dr. Dnar's Archive utility (or some other program or app that recovers variables that have been archived since at least once before), you will not be able to recover programs after doing a Garbage Collect.
• Delete Program
Press [ALPHA] at the main screen.
By doing this, you must be 100% positive that you want to remove this program from your calculator.
• New program
Press [MATH]. It will take you to a screen that looks like when your actually going to create a program from using the [PRGM] menu. It must be in all caps and must meet the usual requirements to be created.

These are the 3 only "secret keys" function.

Source Code

These are the only libraries I know.

det( and real(Libraries

[Any ones that have a * require a string after the command (e.x. det(0,5,"EXAMPLE")]

Things that still need to be done

• Convert the program to an app and upload to the archives
• Optimize the program
• install updates
• and more

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