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Battle your way to victory by sinking the computer submarine!

The current game is 949 bytes in size, excluding the name.
The 1k version is pretty much complete. Try it out!
The source code:

Here are some of the bugs in the game:

  • Gameplay is slow but fast enough to be playable
  • Computer not smart enough
  • Torpedos don't explode when they collide into each other

I have ideas on what the computer submarine should do:

  • Dodge player torpedos quicker, either by going up or down
  • Prevent both submarines going into each other, collision detection
  • Prevent computer from going into mines
  • Make the computer go to health blocks if they appear

Some ideas on updates for the game (Not for the 1k challenge):

  • Plant mines around the map causing damage if any sub hits them (2x2 pixel blocks)
  • Increase game speed
  • Health blocks (Standard 1x1 pixels)
  • Collision to prevent subs going into each other
  • Quicker torpedo launches
  • High scores
  • Boss fights
  • Increase submarine attack with XP and level system
  • Timed fights
  • Fire two torpedos at a time per player and computer


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