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Our games page is already quite long, but it could be better. Lets program some board games

For anyone who is interested, there are several games that could be programmed. We would need to do them one at a time, posting code, optimising it, changing it, and then publishing it on the games page. here are some examples-

1. peg solitare
2. Go
3. Isola (Isolation)
4. Mancala

… there are many possible others. If you're interested in participating in this community project, please post about your interest and which game you'd like to start on first, so we can get started. In publication on the games page, credit will be given to the original contributor(s) of the code, and to those who helped optimise it. If there are many small optimisations, credits for the optimisations will be given to the Ti-Community, with a link to this page for clarification.


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Who Updated? Date Update
TI-GBRTI-GBR 22 Oct 2015 14:11 It seems that we are ready to make a mancala page. once it is made, feel free to edit it to relative perfection. Both games will be published, And credit given to those who worked on this community project. THANK YOU to all those who participated. we are starting a new ABSTRACT STRATEGY BOARD GAMES project featuring Isola. Please come participate in this continuation of this page, if you want to.
TI-GBRTI-GBR 20 Oct 2015 19:03 We have optimised the two games to a good point. They both work. the next step is to publish them on a new page titled "Mancala" under the games page.
TI-GBRTI-GBR 16 Oct 2015 14:19

Since there are so many rules to this game, we are developing two mancala games. Both need to be optimised for size and speed though! If you are good at optimisation, please come help us. Also, If you are interested in Helping us program a different board game please post about it, and we can move on to that one after mancala is finished. As far as I can tell, we only have a few participants in this project at the moment. ||


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