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…that the key codes follow a simple pattern: a key is represented by putting its row and column together?


A subprogram is a program called by another program, and is used when a task needs to be performed multiple times. The complete program is thus made up of multiple smaller programs that all work together.

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I have checked the archives, discussion forums, and projects. I do not see your project anywhere....
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This is a simple slots program that took me 1 week to make. Please feel free to copy it and if...
(by master_programmer 25 Apr 2018 18:09, posts: 2)
1→dim(ʟBUG ClrHome Repeat getKey Output(3,2,"G a s a e u B b u - e r 9 O...
(by Trenly 25 Apr 2018 14:14, posts: 6)

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The For( Command
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