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Xeda Elnara 12 Feb 2013 18:25
Xeda Elnara




There are still a few weeks left to register! Currently the BASIC (z80) category has 12 contestants. 8 are from France, 3 are from the US, and 1 is from Belgium. Last year the topics were Tic-Tac-Toe, Tron, and a personal project. We won't find out what the topic is until the start of the competition, either :D

In the Axe category, there are 7 contestants, 4 from France, 2 from the US, and 1 from Belgium (yay, powers of two!). Last year the topics were making a grayscale image editor, making Snake, and a personal project.

In z80 Assembly, there are 6 competitors. 4 are from France, 1 is myself from the USA, and 1 is from Belgium. By the way, ben_g is the guy from Belgium in each of these categories so far.

For nSpire Lua, there are 4 competitors including 2 from the US, and 2 from Belgium (Jim Bauwens, the brother of Stefan Bauwens, and Nick).

Finally, for TI-BASIC (68K), it still just Stefan and I D:

Really, y'all should join if you can, it will be great fun. I would feel sorry for the judges, but they have been working hard to get a bunch of people to compete :D I think last year they had three NSpire CX calculators from their sponsors to give to the first place winners in each category (there were three categories) and I think there were similar prizes for the second, and third places, and some goodies for fourth and fifth. I don't know if they have this for this time around, but regardless, you get to compete with people from different countries o__o Isn't that awesome?

EDIT: Also, if you have difficulty with the French stuff that they haven't translated yet, you can ask here or use Google Translate. I should theoretically understand the French >.>


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