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AnonymousTimothy Foster 04 Feb 2013 18:12

Included page "member:anonymous" does not exist (create it now)

Timothy Foster

The "Member Type" is temporary; eventually it will say something like "Member" or "Moderator". I have yet to figure out how to effectively do that, but I've got an idea (which will unfortunately take me quite some time to do).

I never really saw the karma bars as meaning anything relevant. What might be done in place of that is a site "activity level" which could go right under "Member Type". Making lots of edits or posts would put you at a higher level (a moderator would have to set it though, meaning spam doesn't count).

Post-indention is very hard, and if I implemented it, it would probably look very sloppy. Additionally, nearly every forum I've seen is linear, and one of the reasons for this is so that people respond to the topic instead of the post. It makes it harder for a discussion to become off topic or branch into multiple conversations (which is something I and others have noticed on this forum).

I will try to put the buttons back in. It for sure won't work exactly the same, but I'll see what I can do.


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