Petals Around the Rose

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A simple version of the game.





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:Pause randInt(1,6,5

Petals around the rose is a simple dice game designed to test a person's ability to think creatively. The basic premise of the game (and where it's name comes from) is that the center dot on a dice face is the rose, and the dots around the center dot are the petals. Since your average dice face has between one and six dots, the only faces that have petals are three and five.

When you play the game, you use five dice, and you add up the values of the petals after each roll, and this is the score. The game only has three rules: the name is "Petals around the Rose", and it is significant; the answer is always even; and, anybody can give the score of the roll, but they cannot disclose its reasoning.

The routine randomly selects five numbers between one and six, and then displays them on the screen. At this point, you can have each person try to visualize what the respective numbers would look like as dice. You then just press ENTER, and the score of the roll will be displayed. Remember, you shouldn't give away the game, but instead let the other people figure it out themselves.


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