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Page Name Discussions Comments Link Recommendations Categorization
Abbreviations Discuss 0 Glossary pages like this should be combined. (see more) Glossary; Reference
Advanced Basic Discuss 0 It is short, but it is a good history that shows progression of programming. Perhaps add more or combine somewhere else. (see more) History
Algorithmic Optimization Discuss 0 This page is pretty good describing the process of finding better algorithms. (see more) Optimization
Animation Discuss 0 Animation is a very large topic. This page actually does a good job describing the basics of animation, but it needs to be reformatted, and it needs additional info. (see more) Animation; Graphics
Artificial Intelligence Discuss 0 AI is a good topic to discuss, but this page is incomplete, and the information already there doesn't give much of a description, or it gives poor or false description. This page needs work. (see more) Engine; Technique
ASCII Output Codes Discuss 0 Reference material it seems. (see more) Reference; Calculator
Assembly Discuss 0 This is obviously an introduction to assembly. Since this site is not dedicated to such a language, its improvement isn't as urgent. I think it might need to be combine with the other assembly pages. (see more) Advanced; Assembly
Assembly Hex Codes Discuss 6 We don't really need to document the "why" of hex codes; that should be meant for greater assembly tutorials. This page has too much to be combined with other assembly pages. (see more) Assembly
Assembly Libraries Discuss 0 This page has good reference material, but it is short. It should be combined with other assembly pages. (see more) Assembly; Reference
Assembly Shells Discuss 0 Information is sufficient and basic. Perhaps all the assembly pages should be combined. (see more) Assembly
Basic Builder Discuss 1 The pros and cons could use expanding. (see more) Reference;Assembly
Binary and Hexadecimal Discuss 0 Could use some shortening. (see more) Reference
Blinking Text Discuss 4 Info is short! (see more) Routine
Calculator Linking Discuss 0 Needs some examples of ways to use linking commands (see more) reference
Catalog Discuss 0 There should be more of the list on the screen at once. (see more) Glossary


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