Optimization: General Optimizations

You can remove closing parentheses, braces, and quotes at the end of a line of code. The one rare case you would keep an end parenthesis if if you are dealing with an If conditional directly after a For( loop which is detailed on the For( command.

can be

You can also remove closing parentheses, braces, brackets, and quotes that are before a store command.

can be

Rearrange the group of expressions with the most closing parentheses, braces, brackets, and quotes so that they are at the end of the line.

:If 7/(A+B)=2
can be
:If 2=7/(A+B

Keep your label and list names as short as possible. You ideally want them to be one character in length.

:Lbl AA
can be
:Lbl A

When displaying text, always look for words that can be replaced with the respective command. The commands are much smaller than writing out the word. In this example, the command Return is used in place of writing out the word.

can be

You can change all of your text to uppercase. Making your text look nice comes with a price. Lowercase letters are two bytes each instead of one byte like uppercase letters. This can really be costly if your program has a lot of text in it.

:Disp "Hello
can be
:Disp "HELLO

You can often shorten text by removing or rewording some of it.

:Output(3,2,"Too Low
can be


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