One Byte Tokens

The two tables below show all the one-byte tokens by their hexadecimal value - the column is the first hex-digit, and the row is the second, so something in the 2 column and the F row would correspond to the hexadecimal number 0x2F. 2-byte means that this byte signifies the beginning of a 2-byte token (with a link to the appropriate table); unused means that this token isn't used for any actual command.

One-byte tokens by hex code (0x00 - 0x7F)
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
0 unused ( randM( 0 and P 2-byte +
1 ►DMS ) mean( 1 A Q 2-byte - (sub.)
2 ►Dec round( solve( 2 B R 2-byte Ans
3 ►Frac pxl-Test( seq( 3 C S 2-byte Fix
4 augment( fnInt( 4 D T Radian Horiz
5 Boxplot rowSwap( nDeriv( 5 E U Degree Full
6 [ row+( unused 6 F V Normal Func
7 ] *row( fMin( 7 G W Sci Param
8 { *row+( fMax( 8 H X Eng Polar
9 } max( (space) 9 I Y Float Seq
A r min( " . J Z = IndpntAuto
B ° R►Pr( , E K θ < IndpntAsk
C ֿ¹ R►Pθ( i or L 2-byte > DependAuto
D ² P►Rx( ! xor M 2-byte DependAsk
E T P►Ry CubicReg : N 2-byte 2-byte
F ³ median( QuartReg newline O prgm 0Ah_LboxIcon.gif mark
One-byte tokens by hex code (0x80 - 0xFF)
8 9 A B C D E F
0 0Bh_LcrossIcon.gif mark ZoomRcl Pt-Change( - (neg.) log( Else Output( ^
1 0Ch_LdotIcon.gif mark PrintScreen Pxl-On( int( 10^( While ClrHome ×√
2 * ZoomSto Pxl-Off( abs( sin( Repeat Fill( 1-Var Stats
3 / Text( Pxl-Change( det( sinֿ¹( For( SortA( 2-Var Stats
4 Trace nPr Shade( identity( cos( End SortD( LinReg(a+bx)
5 ClrDraw nCr Circle( dim( cosֿ¹( Return DispTable ExpReg
6 ZStandard FnOn Horizontal sum( tan( Lbl Menu( LnReg
7 ZTrig FnOff Tangent( prod( tanֿ¹( Goto Send( PwrReg
8 ZBox StorePic DrawInv not( sinh( Pause Get( Med-Med
9 Zoom In RecallPic DrawF iPart( sinhֿ¹( Stop PlotsOn QuadReg
A Zoom Out StoreGDB 2-byte fPart( cosh( IS>( PlotsOff ClrList
B ZSquare RecallGDB rand 2-byte coshֿ¹( DS<( ClrTable
C ZInteger Line( π √( tanh( Input Plot1( Histogram
D ZPrevious Vertical getKey ³√( tanhֿ¹( Prompt Plot2( xyLine
E ZDecimal Pt-On( ' ln( If Disp Plot3( Scatter
F ZoomStat Pt-Off( ? e^( Then DispGraph TI-84+(C(S)E) LinReg(ax+b)



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