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Given an angle or list of angles θ, returns their sines. For matrix inputs, see [[[[nspire:scalar-on-mat

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|syntax=sin(number) sin(list) sin(matrix)
|location=trig key on calculator
|compatibility=Confirmed on Nspire II CX CAS, presumed the same on all other Nspire models
sin(θ) returns the Sine of θ
Unlike its TI-83/84 counterpart which can only be a real number, or a list thereof, the nSpire version can also be used on complex numbers, as well as a list/matrix of complex numbers.

sin( is affected by the document angle setting

On CAS calculators(CAS only or non-CAS as well?), sin(θ) can result in exact representations if θ is a value such as $\pi/3$

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