Sample Programs

Program Editor

Before you start by making your first code, you must learn how to create a program(Make sure you are in the Calculator application). Press Menu and go to 8. Then, press 1 and 1 again. A window will pop up prompting the name of the program. Put in the name, then select the type (program or function) and press OK. Now, you are in the program editor, you can now move to the tutorials underneath.

Hello World!

The following program, when executed, will display the phrase "HELLO, WORLD!"


Other Methods:

If you want to include more functionality to displaying text, you can use Disp.


Is the same as:


Who's Greater?

In this code, if c is greater than d, the program will say "yes" or otherwise it will say "no".

If c>d Then
Disp "Yes"
Disp "No"

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