This page should contain a list of all the errors from the ti-nspire. Would like it set up similarly to errors

This table lists all the possible error messages that can occur. The error number to the left is not displayed, but is stored to the errornum system variable, which can be used in a Try..EndTry block. Some error messages are very explicit (like #680), but others are less so. Where the error message itself gave too little information, this table explains the error more thoroughly.

A large part of the information here was taken from the Nspire CX Reference Guide at

Errors need to be added to the table below. Please alternate between using error1 and error2

Error Code Error Description
010 No Value A function did not return a value
020 Unresolved Boolean A test did not resolve to TRUE or FALSE
This error is commonly caused when attempting a comparison with an undefined variable
030 Cannot be Folder Name Argument cannot be a folder name
040 Argument Error Argument error
050 Argument Mismatch Two or more arguments must be of the same type
060 Argument- Boolean Argument must be a Boolean expression or integer
070 Argument - Decimal Argument must be a decimal number
090 Argument - List Argument must be a list
100 Argument - Matrix Argument must be a matrix
130 Argument - String Argument must be a string
140 Argument - Name Argument must be a variable name
Make sure the name does not begin with a digit, contains no spaces or special characters, and does not exceed length limitations
160 Argument - Expression Argument must be an expression
165 Battery Level Batteries too low for sending or receiving
Replace or charge the batteries before sending or receiving
170 Bound The lower bound must be less than the upper bound
180 Break The d or c key was pressed during a long calculation or program execution
190 Circular Definition This is displayed to avoid infinite replacement of variables during simplification
Example: a+1→a will throw this error when a is undefined
200 Constraint Expression Invalid The expression used as a constraint is not valid
210 Data Type An argument is of the wrong data type
220 Dependent Limit The limit is dependent and must be independent
230 Invalid Dimension A list or matrix index is not valid
235 Dimension Error Not enough elements in the lists
240 Dimension Mismatch Two or more arguments must be of the same dimension
250 Divide by Zero An expression evaluated to a division by zero
260 Domain Error An argument must be in a specified domain
rand(0) throws this error since the domain must be greater than 0
270 Duplicate Variable A variable with that name already exists
280 Invalid Else An Else or ElseIf statement was outside the If-EndIf block
290 EndTry Missing Else EndTry is missing the matching Else statement
295 Excessive Iteration Excessive iteration
Not much is currently known about this error
300 List or Matrix Expected Expected a 2 or 3 element list or a matrix as an argument
310 Single Variable Equation The first argument of nSolve must be an equation in a single variable
The equation cannot contain an undefined variable other than the variable of interest
320 Equation or Inequality Expected The first argument of solve or cSolve must be an equation or inequality
solve(3x^2-4,x) is invalid because the first argument is not an equation
345 Inconsistent Units The calculation cannot be performed with mismatched units
Ensure all units are matching
350 Index Out Of Range The index specified is not valid
360 Indirection String Indirection string is not a valid variable name
380 Undefined Ans Either the previous calculation did not create Ans, or no previous calculation was entered
390 Invalid Assignment The value cannot be assigned to the variable
400 Invalid Assignment Value The value cannot be assigned to the variable
410 Invalid Command The command entered is not valid
430 Invalid For Mode The calculation, command, or answer is not valid for the current mode settings
435 Invalid Guess The guess is not valid
440 Invalid Implicit Multiplication This is to prevent errors between implied multiplication and function calls
x(x+1) is invalid, whereas x*(x+1) is the correct syntax; (x+1)x may also work, but not much is known about this
450 Invalid Command Use Invalid in a function or Current Expression
Only certain commands are valid in a user-defined function. The command which this error references cannot be used in a user-defined function
490 Invalid in Try..EndTry Block The command is not valid in a Try Block
510 Invalid List or Matrix The List or Matrix is undefined or not valid
550 Invalid Command Use Invalid outside function or program
A number of commands are not valid outside a function or program. For Example, Local cannot be used unless it is in a function or program
560 Invalid outside Loops The command must be within a Loop..EndLoop, For..EndFor, or While..EndWhile block
Certain commands, such as Exit are only valid inside loop blocks.
565 Invalid Command Use Invalid outside program
The command can only be used in a program, and is invalid in a function or on the home screen
570 Invalid Path Name The specified folder or path is invalid
Notably, \var is considered invalid
575 Invalid Polar Complex The Polar Complex is invalid or could not be resolved
580 Invalid Program Reference Programs cannot be referenced within functions or expressions
Example: 1+p(x) throws this error when p( is a program
600 Invalid Table The table referenced is invalid
605 Invalid Use of Units The usage of units is invalid
610 Invalid Local Variable Invalid variable name in a Local statement
620 Invalid Name The function name of variable name is invalid
630 Invalid Variable Reference The reference to the variable is invalid
640 Invalid Vector Syntax The syntax for the vector is invalid
650 Link Transmission A transmission between two units was not completed
Verify the connecting cable is connected firmly on both ends
665 Matrix not Diagonalizable The Algebraic Multiplicity of the matrix does not equal the geometric multiplicity of each of the eigenvalues
670 Low Memory The space in memory is running low
You should try to 1) Delete some data from the document. 2) Save and close the document. If both fail, remove and re-insert the batteries
672 Resource Exhaustion The available resources have been exhausted
Not much is known about this error
673 Resource Exhaustion The available resources have been exhausted
Not much is known about this error
680 Missing ( An open parentheses is missing
690 Missing ) A close parentheses is missing
700 Missing " A quotation mark is missing
710 Missing ] A close bracket is missing
720 Missing } A close brace is missing
730 Block Syntax Missing start or end of block syntax
740 Missing Then Missing Then in an If..EndIf block
750 Not a Function or Program {$description}
765 No functions selected No functions were selected
780 No Solution No solution was found
800 Non-Real Result The answer returned was not real
If the software is in the real setting $√⁻1$ is invalid. To allow complex results, change the "Real or Complex" Mode Setting
830 Overflow The answer overflowed the buffer for Ans
850 Program not Found A program reference inside another program could not be found in the provided path during execution
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