Nibbles Arcade


Program Summary

A quality version of the classic snake game.

Program Size

7,261 bytes

Uses Libraries?

No, it's pure TI-Basic

Calculator Compatibility



SiCoDe (Brandon Green)


Nibbles Arcade is one of those rare TI-Basic games that not only are fun to play, but also fun to look at the underlying code. The game was written entirely in TI-Basic by SiCoDe, one of the premier TI-Basic programming groups in the early history of TI-Basic, and it certainly stretched the limits of what most people considered TI-Basic.

Of course, this is to be expected, since one of the overarching goals of SiCoDe was to showcase quality TI-Basic games in order to get people to take TI-Basic more seriously. At the time the game was released, there was an ongoing debate about the viability of a TI-Basic snake game that rivaled the assembly version of the game. Nibbles Arcade was the response that ended that debate.

In terms of gameplay, Nibbles Arcade provides three different game variations on the same theme (you go around eating food, but each piece of food makes the snake longer), which helps to keep you interested in the game. You can travel through 10 levels, or try to play for as long as possible on just one level (although this is limited by the dimensions of the playing field), or you can compete against the AI. There is no two-player mode available, which is mainly due to the fact that it just isn't feasible in TI-Basic.

The game uses the standard controls: ENTER to make a selection in the menu, 2nd to pause in the game, CLEAR to quit, and the arrow keys move the snake in the respective direction. Likewise with graphics, the game uses the graph screen through out, and features a very nice-looking title-screen and menu.


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