Site News: 83


May 04 TI has announced the release of the TI-84+ CE Python in North America. The release is expected for Fall 2021.


Aug 26 A new version (5.6) for the TI-84 Plus CE is available. The newer OS discontinues assembly permanently, most games (non-Basic ones) will no longer work anymore. Think very carefully on upgrading! TI-Basic games will continue to function normally as they have before.
May 22 TI has announced that future OS updates for the TI-84+CE and TI-83 Premium CE will disallow custom ASM programs and OS downgrading to mitigate exam mode security issues.


Sep 25 A new forum category specifically for CE and CSE programming questions has been added to separate these threads from those for the monochrome models


May 21 Congratulations to TI-BD user Trenly for being promoted to Administrator!
Apr 23 The new chat is available for use by the TI-BD community! This chat should be more secure than the last one.


Sep 13 TI-BD Contributor Battlesquid has been promoted to Moderator.
Apr 21 Congratulations to Trenly for being promoted to moderator, and to Xeda Elnara and jonbush for being promoted to administrator!
Apr 18 Chatbox temporarily removed due to lack of security, and rules being broken. The anticipated return date is yet TBD


Sep 19 A chatbox has been added to the forums. If you need help, simply enter a nickname and ask your question.
Sep 04 TI-Basic Developer celebrates its 10th birthday!
Apr 14 Members can now discuss TI-Basic on the #tibasicdev IRC channel on EFnet.
Apr 10 After years of development by TI-BD members, the TI-Basic Starter Kit has been completed.


Nov 8 Due to the release of the TI-84+CSE and TI-84+CE calculators, new commands have been added to the Command Index.
Nov 1 The homepage screenshots now link to their respective programs on TI-BASIC Developer.
Jan 27 TI Education officially announced the new TI-84 Plus CE graphing calculator, a slimmer, faster successor of the TI-84 Plus CSE. It is planned to be available in Spring 2015.


Oct 10 Silver Phantom was made a site moderator due to his commitment and dedication to the forum.
Oct 10 Toothless the Dragon was made a site moderator due to his commitment and dedication to the forum.
Apr 18 burr added all of the pending programs to the archives


Nov 16 A new routine was made to replace the dayOfWk( command on the TI-83/+/SE
Jan 16 There are discussions about redesigning the forums to be more robust.


Dec 27 Mr Dino was made a site moderator due to his commitment and dedication to the forum
Dec 12 burr redesigned the main homepage to complement the respective calculator homepages
Jun 05 burr redesigned the homepage for the TI-83 section of the site
Apr 25 Xeda Elnara was made a site moderator due to her commitment and dedication to the forum
Apr 10 TI Story has moved to its own wiki —
Feb 01 burr started a new section of the site called TI Story for documenting the TI community history
Jan 31 burr reorganized the forum to make it easier to use.
Jan 27 burr added a new game (mastermind) to the games page.


Mar 16 New technique added (text wrapper)
A simple text wrapper has been added and can be viewed here.


Nov 05 Added new page about recently developed routine.
May 27 Due to the release of a new OS by TI (2.53MP), new commands have been added to the Command Index.
Mar 11 The archives have been upgraded to make uploading process much easier.


Dec 17 Congrats to AJLitzau13 for winning Challenge 9!
Sep 28 Archives have been redesigned.
Aug 27 GoVegan made the site's CSS theme dynamic. You can manipulate the Site Theme or the Forum Theme without Administrator privileges and with instantaneous results.
Aug 09 The entire TI-Basic Developer has 1664 total pages today.
Jul 27 The TI-Basic Developer goes Pro on Wikidot!
Jul 25 burr, the founder of this site, transfers Master Administrator status to DarkerLine.
Jul 14 A Guide to ASM is being made, its work in progress though.
Jul 14 Today a page on keyhooking has been added, its still incomplete though. here is the page
Jun 22 Congratulations to seb83 for winning challenge 8 with his Bomber game!
Jun 14 Program Challenge 8 ends soon, June 20th! Enter your programs in quick!
Jun 05 jnesselr created the projects page. Check it out!
May 28 Congratulations to jnesselr, who has been promoted to being a Moderator! Well done!
May 22 Program challenge 8 postponed to June 20th! Don't forget!
Apr 29 I am happy to announce, that as of now, we have exactly 75 programs in our archives, 146 news items, and 3 announcements.
Apr 10 A page on advanced-data-structures has been created to explore alternate forms of data storage. Please help by contributing your knowledge of data structures.
Apr 06 An incomplete pages section and wanted pages section have been added to the to do list. If you feel the need to contribute and don't know how, don't forget this page!
Apr 03 GoVegan created an all new system on recognition and awards for members of the TI|BD community. (see post here)
Apr 01 TI-Basic Developer has reached one million (that's 1000000) pageloads!
Mar 29 Added a tutorial for collision detection in the xLIB tutorial.
Mar 20 The featured articles now have a sort of identification. A little icon appears at the right side of the title indicating a featured article. If an article is to be featured, the tag "feature" must be added.
Mar 18 With the creation of the new members module, the current system has been replaced.
Mar 14 Timothy Foster centers the CHAR box in the forums.
Mar 15 GoVegan updated the Archives (again!). Now there is added functionality to display ALL programs in the Archives in any desired order. He also managed to reduce the bandwidth of the Archives.
Mar 04 GoVegan uploaded the first Portable Guide in PDF form (4.05mb). It is not a spectacular refined and polished version, and has many flaws. But at least we can see how the site renders when expanded to 150% on A4 sized paper. We will need to make some changes to some pages for better printability. Hooray! A milestone has been reached!
Feb 22 A new include has been created to replace the [[code]]..[[/code]]. It can be used in places where mark ups can be confusing, such as the T transpose command. Just type [[include inc:pgrm-code lcode=code]].
Feb 13 Chat removed. Some people were only using it to spam, and some to trick others who were asking questions into erasing their calculator's memory. Not the kind of behavior I was hoping to ever run into. –Weregoose
Feb 08 GoVegan manipulated the side and top bar navigators of the site, after seeing the results of the two-month trial (see discussion here). These new changes are part of a secondary trial to see how people like them.
Feb 04 Don't forget about challenge 7! The challenge will end when there are three participants.
Jan 25 Added a page that shows top rated programs. Just click the link on the right, that says Top Rated Programs.
Jan 08 The TI-Nspire page is now finally complete containing documentation of the Nspire's programming capabilities and basic techniques.
Jan 04 Zaphod Beeblebrox revamped the design page to be the development page and added the creating-new-program-versions article.
Jan 02 Zaphod Beeblebrox added the Advanced Editing Functionality routine to the custominput page and added a xLIB key map to the key-codes page.
Jan 02 Congratulations Zaphod Beeblebrox for winning Challenge 6.
Jan 01 Welcome 2009! Hopefully this year will be even more prolific for the TI-Basic Developer than the last.


Dec 15 noahbaby94 creates a chat room.
Dec 14 The Programing challenge 6 has been postponed till 1/1/09.
Dec 13 Do not forget about programming challenge 6. It has been postponed for a while now, and it will not end until at least two people participate. Also, challenge 7 will not start until number 6 finishes.
Dec 06 An announcements box is created.
Dec 06 It has been decided that the TI-Basic Starter Kit take priority in member contribution. Remember that the goal of the starter kit is to give a person of no programming knowledge a good solid start on calculator programming.
Dec 03 jnesselr created a new page that allows you to upload files to use on any page. It can be found at the files page.
Dec 01 The Program Archives have been updated to include categorization.
Nov 30 Timothy Foster has been promoted to Moderator status.
Nov 28 The home page has been revamped and the top and side bars have been switched to provide a fresh look to the site.
Nov 25 We receive news that the TI-Basic Developer, after two years of hard work and effort by its members, has become a popular site within the Wikidot community, the site that hosts this wiki and many others. This represents a major turning point for TI-BD.
Nov 21 A new members system is used for members which gives each member a profile page.
Nov 16 jnesselr just added the invisible include. Just use the "text" to supply the text to make invisible
Nov 12 The Creating Games section of the Starter Kit is now complete!
Nov 11 GoVegan upgraded the date structure of the news and members sections of the site. Now the date format can easily be modified via the date include page!
Nov 09 Program challenge #5 is finally over, now we begin challenge #6, the GUI challenge.
Nov 09 Congratulations to Timothy Foster for winning challenge #5 and entering the Hall of Fame!
Nov 07 A new convention has been added to the Code of Conduct pertaining to the rating of programs.
Nov 03 thornahawk finished the invT( command. Now all calculator commands documented (again!)
Nov 02 Just noticed there is only one command that needs to be completed: invT(
Oct 30 Timothy Foster continues work on the starter kit after many days of no development.
Oct 26 Manual-Fit command is first created. Only two commands left to go…
Oct 25 Timothy Foster creates polynomial division routine
Oct 05 GoVegan created a framework for submitting solutions on the challenges page.
Oct 04 GoVegan finished upgrading the News, Did You Know…, Featured Article and Featured Command frameworks on the site. Now it is so much easier to add to these sections of the site, and is filled automatically. It also enables to display randomly selected DYKs, FAs and FCs.
Oct 01 GoVegan added a choose a "random command" link to the sidebar…COOL!
Sep 27 Timothy Foster created the page TI-Nspire Programming.
Sep 15 GoVegan upgraded the framework of the archives. Now it is even easier to add, update, rate and moderate programs!
Sep 04 burr, the founder of the site, has finished contributing to the site, and moved on to other projects. (see his goodbye here)
Sep 04 GoVegan tagged the 25 remaining untagged redirect pages with the "redirect" tag
Sep 04 basickevin created the page artificial intelligence
Sep 03 RandomProductions created the page How the Calculator Works.
Sep 01 TI-Basic Developer has now existed for approximately two years. Thanks to all that made it a great year, and may the next year be even more successful and exciting.
Jul 28 burr did some reorganization and cleanup to the resources page.
Jul 14 Zaphod Beeblebrox created the page Text Sprites Reference
Jul 08 basickevin created the page alternate routines to promote the creation of new optimizations
Jul 03 burr and GoVegan set up the framework for the new TI-Basic Developer archives
Jul 01 Mapar007 created the page Binary and Hexadecimal number system
Jun 20 Zaphod Beeblebrox changed the resources page to use the tabview
Jun 13 GoVegan added an "Instant Messenger" routine to the programs page
Jun 11 GoVegan created a "New Members" section on the 83 and 68k home pages
Jun 06 GoVegan finished integrating the new infobox framework into all 324 command pages
Jun 02 burr updated the showcases page separating the programs by genre and using the tabview.
May 24 RandomProductions spruced up the user input page to be a bit more recent.
May 18 The development of the TI-Basic Developer site logo is complete, and has now replaced the previous site header.
May 10 GoVegan has set up a new framework for infoboxes for the 83 portal of the site.
May 04 krazyness initiated the development of the TI-Basic Developer site logo, to replace the current header.
Apr 24 DarkerLine has finished the first chapter of the Starter Kit, a tutorial for beginner programmers.
Apr 23 burr created a validation tutorial that covers how to approach validating user input.
Apr 16 burr added a file download to all of the routines and programs.
Apr 12 burr created a TI-Basic Sidebar for Mozilla Firefox for quick reference of the TI-83 commands when you are away from the site.
Apr 02 DarkerLine and GoVegan worked together to upgrade the implemented "include template" sections of the site. Result: Site automatically retrieves the required parts of the "Did You Know" and "Featured Article" sections for the 83 68k home pages.
Apr 02 GoVegan made the 83 & 68k pages automatically retrieve the first 5 news items from the old news section.
Mar 30 burr started the Featured Articles page that lists the best articles available on the wiki, along with changing the "Featured Article" section in the sidebar on the homepage into an include page.
Mar 27 burr started a Did You Know… page with a list of premade DYK's, along with changing the "Did You Know…" section in the sidebar into an include page.
Mar 25 GoVegan added a warning to the grouping section, which the TI-Basic community may have previously been unaware of.
Mar 13 DarkerLine added include pages which makes adding a new command page much easier. Go for it!
Mar 08 Socks started working on the TI-Basic Starter Kit. Feel free to contribute.
Feb 23 RandomProductions put screenshots on all of the date and time command pages.
Feb 09 burr created a portal page, which acts as a bridge between the TI-83 and 68k sections of the site, and is now the new homepage for the site.
Jan 29 DarkerLine begins work on the 68k section of the site, creating the homepage, top navigation, command stub and the command index.
Jan 29 All commands have now been documented! Woo!
Jan 26 burr added an optimization walkthrough tutorial which takes a person through the literal process of optimizing a game.
Jan 24 DarkerLine broke up the text manipulation page into a few routine pages: highlighting text, wordwrapping text and marquee.
Jan 09 The zoom commands have been documented, finishing up all commands except for the finance ones.


Dec 16 The xLIB Guru has merged with this wiki, and its content has been added.
Dec 13 The page about user settings, along with its various subpages, is now complete.
Dec 11 burr created a Boolean logic page detailing what Boolean logic is and how you can use it in your programs.
Nov 27 DarkerLine finished writing the pages about the various variable types, and started on the [/settings] commands.
Nov 24 simplethinker started creating pages for the trigonometry and polar functions.
Nov 22 burr added tags to the majority of the pages; only the command pages are left.
Nov 18 DarkerLine started creating pages for the different variable commands.
Nov 16 DarkerLine finished creating pages for the individual math commands.
Nov 06 burr created a self-modifying code page explaining what self-modifying code is and how you can use it.
Oct 18 burr began to create individual routines pages, using the new routine template
Oct 15 alexrudd began to split up the math page into separate command pages.
Oct 14 burr created a downloads page with over 100 zip files to download.
Sep 01 TI-Basic Developer has now existed for approximately a year. May the next year be even more successful and exciting!
Jul 26 burr put together a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list of common TI-Basic related questions that people ask.
Jul 24 burr made a Sitemap that has a hierarchical breakdown of the site for easy viewing.
Jul 22 burr started a Common Coding Pitfalls page, which lists several different examples of code that are syntactically correct, but do not produce the correct or desired results.
Jul 01 burr started a Code of Conduct page, which lays down some general conduct rules to follow when contributing to the wiki.
Jun 27 burr started a Glossary page, which has general definitions for several of the words that are used throughout the wiki.
Jun 26 burr created a Code Commenting page, which is extremely useful for those people who are working on multiple projects at the same time, and want to be able to come back to a project without all the stress of figuring out what everything is again.
Jun 23 burr finished updating the Subprograms page, so now the external and internal subprograms are explained in comprehensive detail.
Jun 22 Xphoenix added a general section to the Program Setup page, and also created two pages: Assembly Shells and Basic Builder.
Jun 22 burr started a Program Setup page in the same fashion as the Program Cleanup page. Program setup includes getting the home screen, graph screen, and variables ready so your program can use them.
Jun 18 DarkerLine finally finished the Statistics pages. He's going to go back and add complicated formulas no one understands sometime later.
Jun 13 DarkerLine started working on the Statistics pages like he said he was going to a month ago…
Jun 03 Xphoenix created pages for some of the Graph Screen commands.
May 05 Harrierfalcon optimized one of the examples on the Compression Techniques page by using the seq( command.
Apr 30 alexrudd added the xor and not( operators to the Logical Operators page.
Apr 22 burr started the Project Challenges page. After you have gone through the wiki and learned the commands, design theory, and game techniques, you can now test yourself and try your hand at making some programs.
Apr 21 burr started the Old News page, which is the archive place for all the old news and is kept for posterity sake.
Apr 19 A few more games have been added to the Programs page, including: Avalanche, Maze Walkthrough, Pong, and Tic-Tac-To. The programs are all available for download in case anyone wants to try them out on their calculator.
Apr 15 burr added a Wiki Conventions page that lays down some general guidelines about how to format page content. There's a similar Command Stub page for command pages.
Apr 13 thornahawk and Xphoenix added some more information about the Math commands.
Apr 08 burr started the Review Exercises page, which allows readers to test their comprehension and understanding of the information on the wiki.
Mar 30 The Wiki Tour was started, providing a general overview of the wiki and giving beginners some direction about using the wiki.
Mar 26 alexrudd began experimenting with internal page anchors, and has decided that we should try to integrate them into more pages.
Mar 25 DarkerLine started working on the Statistics Commands. These commands are extremely useful for anybody who has to take a statistics class.
Mar 23 burr updated the Contribute page with some guidelines to help beginners better use the wiki.
Mar 15 Harrierfalcon added Number Functionality to Custom Text Input.
Mar 03 burr started the Recursion page. Recursion is related to using subprograms to optimize a program, except the program calls itself instead of other programs.
Feb 21 DarkerLine decided we should give each command its own individual page, so that all the relevant information about that command can be put on one page. Be sure to check out the Command Stub to see how the information is organized.
Feb 19 burr started the Usability page. It offers some ideas to think about when designing a program, including preventing the user from hurting themselves and following the KISS principle.
Feb 16 alexrudd started a Deck of Cards page that should be helpful to anyone who is wanting to learn how to manage the cards in a card game (such as Blackjack).


Nov 08 alexrudd and DarkerLine are promoted to admins, so they are now able to do all of the admin-related things for the wiki.
Oct 14 burr started the Marketing page. It offers some solid suggestions on ways to market your programs to the community.
Oct 10 burr started the Writing Program Documentation page. Check it out if you are wondering why documentation is important and what things your program documentation should include.
Oct 07 Talks of merging the wiki with the Function Library forum occur, but they ultimately fall through because it is decided that the wiki already covers much of the same content and the forum quality isn't very good.
Oct 06 burr started the Look-Up Tables page. Look-up tables are commonly used to increase the speed of programs when speed is the primary need in the program. This is especially true if graphics or user input are involved.
Sep 24 burr started the Custom Text Input page. It shows a simple input routine, briefly explaining how custom text input works and how you can expand the functionality to suit your own purposes and needs.
Sep 23 alexrudd updated the Program Protection page, further refining the different ways to protect a program. In addition, some good discussion about program protection and whether it is appropriate occurred over at the UTI TI-Basic forum.
Sep 23 burr started the Program Clean Up page. After a program finishes running, it should clean up after itself. This involves restoring the respective screens, deleting variables, and some other things.
Sep 22 burr started the Optimizations page. The page details the many different optimizations that you can do to a program, organizing them into relevant and related categories.
Sep 06 The wiki is moved from Wikispaces to Wikidot for hosting because the look of the pages and editor is better, and it offers a lot more space for the wiki to grow and mature.
Sep 01 TI-Basic Developer wiki is started by burr using the content from his TI-Basic Developer guide as the foundation for the wiki.


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