Site Logo History

krazyness suggested that it would be a good idea to implement a site logo, to replace the current header of the TI|BD wiki. He took the liberty to design and produce the logo. There was much discussions relating to the design of site logo (which can be found here) which led to modifications and new versions, each an improvement from the last. The people who have actually produced the possible logos for the wiki are krazyness, James Kanjo, DarkerLine, and Battlesquid.

Original Header:

This was the original header which krazyness set out to replace.


Version 1:

Produced the original logo design for the site (his own design).


Version 2:

Manipulated the first version to render the letters "A" in "Basic" and "V" in "Developer" in a higher quality.


Version 3:

Rendered the image based on the colours of the wiki, #172028 and #E7E9DC.


Versions 4-9:

James Kanjo
Uses 'very sophisticated photo editing software' (MS Word) to improve the image quality of the logo. Shrunk the height to 63 pixels, because he misread the discussion on the logo, and thought it said to be 63 pixels high instead of 67 pixels high:


Variation with the text gradient dark at the bottom and light at the top:


Variation with different colours which are relative to the site:


Changed the lighting and shadows of version 5. Changed the height of the image to 68 pixels, as that was thought to be the necessary height of the image to fit properly. Added a gradient in the background which fades to the colour #172028 over a length of 32 pixels:


Changed the height of version 6 to 68 pixels for the same reason mentioned in version 7. Adjusted lighting. Added a gradient in the background which fades to the colour #172028 over a length of 32 pixels:


Modified the gradient in the text of version 8 to focus the light in the middle and darkness on the outsides:


Version 10:

Version 10A:
James Kanjo
Realised that the height of the logo should in fact be 67 pixels in height. Made the text look more 'polished' by making it brighter in the middle of the text. Shrunk the main header text. Added subtitle "The TI-Basic Information Repository". Changed the gradient to fade into the colour #172028 over a length of 200 pixels rather than 32.


Version 10B:
James Kanjo
Increased the height in pixels to be 69 pixels high, because the browser Internet Explorer showed a pixel row that should have been hidden, and so that there is no black pixel row at the bottom of the logo on forum pages. The difference is negligable to the human eye, but it is definitely noticeable when placed in the header.


Version 10C:
First try at making a 68k version of the logo.


Version 10D:
An attempt towards creating an Nspire header. Traces of blue are on the logo's letters, so that is yet to be resolved.


Version 10E:

Made a successful attempt towards creating an Nspire logo to go with the agreed upon theme.


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