List Frequency Fast

Routine Summary

Returns a list of the frequency of values in another list sorted.


L₁ - the list you want to find the frequency of


L₂ - the values of L₁ without repetition sorted
L₃ - the frequencies of the values in the list L₂ sorted

Variables Used

L₁, L₂, L₃, θ

Calculator Compatibility




URL: United TI



:DelVar L₂DelVar L₃SortA L₁

In the first line we initialize L₁, L₂, and L₃. We sort L₁ so like values will be adjacent.

Then we start looping by storing the first value encountered to the next element of list L₂.
In the next line we find the frequency of the value already stored in L₂ and is stored to the correspondent element in L₃. θ is increased by the frequency found minus 1 to pass to next number, but then incremented by 1 in the For loop.
We loop we reach the end of L₁.

And that's it. The output is put on L₂ and L₃ already sorted. Notice how well Ans is used for speed and size optimization.

When you are done using L₁, L₂, and L₃, you should clean them up at the end of your program.


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