Lights Out


Program Summary

A quality version of the classic lights out game.

Program Size

3,400 bytes

Uses Libraries?

No, it's pure TI-Basic

Calculator Compatibility



Scott Davis


Lights Out is a fun puzzle game that involves trying to turn off all of the lights. While that sounds easy, when you select a square it inverts not only the square itself, but the four squares surrounding it (i.e., if a square is on, it will be turned off, and vice versa).

The game features three different modes of play — normal, random, and custom — which means it will be staying on your calculator for a while until you beat it. Speaking of which, when you win the game, you get a nice win sequence that is reminiscent of the classic Tiger handheld version.

Unlike some of the other lights out clones, this version runs strictly on the graph screen, and features a nice graphical interface. The game uses the standard controls: the arrow keys move the cursor, while 2nd/ENTER makes a selection in the menu and on the game board.


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