Project Updates

To update your projects, you must first have a project page. There should be a list of updates. If there is none, add a ":1" to the end of the url. If that page is taken, change the ":1" to a ":2". I had some issues when I first created the pages, so it is not automatic. A good way to tell what number to use, is the number of updates displayed. If there are 5 updates, the next possible one is going to be 6.

You also must add the tags "update", and the tag that you added when you created your project page. If you do not know it, click edit, look at where the Module ListPages is. Where it says tags="update …", the … should be the name that it will look under for your updates. That is your tag. To add your tag, click tags. Add your tag, along with the "update" tag, to the page where your update is located. They are space separated. This will ensure that it shows up on your project page. Click "save tags".

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