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Optimization involves making programs as fast and small as possible. Speed is important because TI-Basic is slow, while size is important because the calculator has limited memory.

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May 04 TI has announced the release of the TI-84+ CE Python in North America. The release is expected for Fall 2021.
May 22 TI has announced that future OS updates for the TI-84+CE and TI-83 Premium CE will disallow custom ASM programs and OS downgrading to mitigate exam mode security issues.
Sep 25 A new forum category specifically for CE and CSE programming questions has been added to separate these threads from those for the monochrome models
You could try using Doors CS 7 to hide programs from the program menu. If the issue is just...
(by jonbush 22 Sep 2023 23:10, posts: 19)
can you provide assembly code? and elaborate a bit on what it does? I'm creating a large array of...
(by Cholsrea 22 Sep 2023 22:40, posts: 19)
Unfortunately it is not possible to use the → sto token within a string - which would be required...
(by jonbush 21 Sep 2023 04:42, posts: 2)

The Degree Command
(by Adriweb 04 Jul 2023 15:13)
(by Endated 09 May 2023 15:28)
The variance( Command
(by kg583 27 Mar 2023 14:46)
The tpdf( Command
(by kg583 27 Mar 2023 14:39)
The rref( Command
(by kg583 26 Mar 2023 06:08)
The ref( Command
(by kg583 26 Mar 2023 06:07)

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