The GridLine Command

Command Summary

Enables a grid of colored lines on the graph screen.

Command Syntax

GridLine [color#]

Menu Location


  1. 2nd FORMAT to access the graph format menu.
  2. Use arrows and ENTER to select GridLine.

Calculator Compatibility


Token Size

2 bytes

The GridLine command enables a grid of colored lines on the graph screen (you can disable it with the GridOff command). How fine or coarse the grid is depends on the Xscl and Yscl variables. Drawing the grid just involves plotting points all the horizontal and vertical lines that intersect points of the form (A×Xscl, B×Yscl) that are in the graphing window. The grid can be colored based on any color variable or value.

Advanced Uses

GridLine can be used to shade the entire screen if Yscl is small enough that the lines on the grid are one pixel apart:

:GridLine RED

This is one of the shortest ways to shade the screen, although Shade( can be used for a (usually) even shorter way. However, using GridLine is also very slow: the fastest way involves the Horizontal or the Vertical commands in a For( loop.

You could also use GridLine to draw the playing grid for a Dots and Boxes game.

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