The programs linked from this page are complete (if simple) games, presented with source code and an explanation. They are meant as a way of putting everything that is on this guide together into an example of what TI-Basic programmers like you can do. For readers who learn better by example than by explanation, these games are also a great way to learn the techniques explained in this guide.

  • Pong — You have to keep the ball in play by bouncing it back and forth against the walls, without letting it get by your paddle.
  • Mine Field — Like the classic game minesweeper, the goal is to avoid hitting the mines.
  • Guess The Number — Try to guess the number, and see how many tries it takes you.
  • Darts — Hit the target with your dart, while avoiding the obstacles in your way.
  • Tic-Tac-To — Alternate turns placing pieces on the 3x3 game board until somebody gets 3-in-a-row or all nine spots on the game board are filled.
  • Mastermind (alternative) — Try to break a random code of five numbers in fifteen guesses or less.
  • Avalanche — Avoid the falling spikes by moving to the left or right, trying to see how long you can hold out for.
  • Snake — Go around eating food, and the snake grows longer and longer with each piece of food.
  • Memory — A simple "card" game where you flip over two cards each turn to try to get a matching pair.
  • Hangman — Alternate turns trying to guess a word by selecting the letters that make up the word until the word is correctly guessed or you run out of chances.
  • Rock Paper Scissors — You have three different hand gestures to choose from, but can you choose the best hand…
  • Demented Snake — Just like snake, except you need to constantly change directions to keep the snake moving fast.
  • Hop Over — You have to move the pieces around until you get the four squares on the left and the four cross-hairs on the right.
  • Fly The Copter — You have to navigate a scrolling tunnel for as long as possible.
  • Simon Says — You must repeat a pattern which gets longer and longer.
  • Maze Walkthrough — You have to make your way through the maze without touching any of the walls.
  • Chase — You have to chase down the randomly moving target.
  • Light Cycles — Control your continuous cycle and out last the AI.
  • Connect 4, 2 player — take turns dropping checkers into a grid to make 4 in a row Horizontally, vertically, or diagonally
  • Mancala — drop seeds or stones into houses to either clear your side first or to get the most stones in your end house, depending on your rule set.


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