The G-T Command

Command Summary

Sets the screen mode to G-T.

Command Syntax


Menu Location

In the program editor,

  1. Press [MODE] for the mode menu
  2. Press [DOWN] seven times (for the split screen commands)
  3. Press [RIGHT] twice to select G-T
  4. Press [ENTER] to insert it

This command can be used on the home screen, but must be selected from the catalog.

Calculator Compatibility


Token Size

2 bytes

G-T puts the calculator into "Graph-Table" mode: this mode shows the home screen at full size, but the graph screen and table will be displayed together, each taking up half the screen (divided vertically).

G-T is usually used at the beginning of a program to ensure that the screen mode is G-T , for programs such as math programs that want to demonstrate the thinking step-by-step.


With OS version 2.30 (on the TI-84+ and TI-84+ SE calculators), G-T mode can be used with stat plots as well.

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