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Cool! Glad to see that this community isn't dead lol. I'll be sure to check this out!

~william 756

Re: It's finally here!! by william756william756, 24 Sep 2021 04:01

Can you post it on the TIBD archives of this site?

Is there an option for Ti-84 Plus Ce? I tried it and it says, "ERROR: SYNTAX"

Oh that sounds nice! I'm definitively looking forward for screenies. :)

20 years minus 7 days ago, I released my first ever TI-83 Plus RPG, Illusiat. Today, after over 16 years without releasing an original RPG for calculators, I am finally releasing a new one: Darkblasters!

SvupArG.gif SzEC0F7.gif

Inspired by Lufia, Quest 64, Dragon Quest, Illusiat and Mana Force series, Darkblasters is a role-playing game meant to showcase pure TI-BASIC graphical capabilities while trying to keep speed as fast as possible. It features over 390 rooms to explore, NPC's, some items and magic spells, many monsters and sprite-based graphics. No ASM/Axe/Grammer lib were used, in order to ensure full compatibility with 15 MHz z80 calculator models that lacks official ASM support.

A long time ago, mankind became nearly extinct after the entire world population did the Tide Pod
eating challenge simultaneously. From the dead rose a new illness that transformed animals into
monsters and many humnan survivors into Darkblasters, evil mages that look like knights.

Today, the Darkblasters stole the three crystals protecting the Kingdom of Walritia. You must defeat
the mages before they take over the world.

Here are the download links:

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Seeing your work on this inspired me to put together my own dual layer RPG. Right now I'm using a 3 bytes per room. Each byte corresponds to a 3*11 hard coded map portion. I may change this system, however.

Be careful when trying to combine text for use with layered text sprites, because during trial and error, I've got some rather obscene results.

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by DJ OmnimagaDJ Omnimaga, 13 Sep 2021 17:29

Thanks! And yeah each tile is 2 byte. However, each pixel on the mini-map is an entire room of 12x9 tiles (although event locations and type are stored separately). There is no compression, but the map data is essentially hardcoded to the point it's just a bunch of Text() characters with RclPic/StoPic to superpose some of them, so the map data is extremely small.

Also some map tiles are actually 3 or 4 bytes large, since some tokens are 2 bytes.

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Did you use the program right? It uses maze generation to make a different maze each time you press NEW. The PIC file is simply to save your maze for later in case you can't complete it.

Here's the portion of code that makes the maze:

Horizontal Y
Vertical X
StorePic 0
Re: OK Program by J_Walker87J_Walker87, 13 Sep 2021 16:26

This is great! It certainly looks better than anything else I've ever seen in TI-BASIC. Since you are using dual-layer sprites, that means that each tile takes two bytes. Have you tried compressing the maps at all? It would certainly sacrifice speed, but it may be doable depending on how you store the map. I really like that you are trying to make this more TI-83+ friendly since I own that calculator. A lot of other RPGs you've made I've only played in emulators. I can't wait to play the completed version of this.

Make sure to download TI-Connect, then once you plug your calculator into your computer you can open the TI-Connect application and upload programs and games to your calculator from there.

I got the computer graph link cable not the graph link cable to link 2 calculators.

-There are now two actual monsters
-You start with 500 HP instead of 300
-All battle commands and enemy moves are implemented, except one boss attack pattern.
-You can now activate switches to open new paths
-NPC's are implemented, including those who give items.
-You can grab items from the ground.
-Some random optimizations to save space or increase speed, because the game is over 11 KB now.

I made a Youtube video:

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Retired Omnimaga founder/admin (2001-11) and news editor (2012-14)

Good code! I also started out using If statements to accomplish movement, and then I was introduced to piecewise expressions. I have found that they are a great way to optimize a program, and also tidy it up a bit. Let me know if you would like things explained as I would be happy to do that also!
You can also accomplish the movement by using piecewise expressions like…


and for putting it so the character can't go off-screen...


I would recommend checking out the movement page also, as it has a lot of useful information.

here is the movement code and sprite i have so far:
While 1
If A=26

If A=24

If A=25

If A=34

Hitting the + button while hovering over a command in the menu will bring up more info.

I remember pressing some combination of buttons on my TI-84 Plus CE that brought up an in-calculator reference for any function. I was able to see what parameters the function took in and what it outputted. Does this really exist, and if so how do I access it? Or am I just imagining this?


It looks like you’re using a sequence variable on the calculator, whereas in your code you have lowercase letters in Str8. It’s important to note that the blue u, v, and w variables printed on your calculator are not the same as the lowercase letters in Str8. In order to type the proper lowercase alpha letters on your calculator, you’ll need to run this as a separate program:


(or if you don’t have a CE, I think the token will just be AsmPrgm at the start)

Once you run that program, you’ll be able to hit the alpha key twice and then type the green letters in lowercase. Again, the blue letters won’t work because they are variables.

Months ago, my plans for this month was to release an Illusiat-related game, perhaps a remake of the first two games like I always wanted to, but finally that never happened, despite Illusiat's 20th anniversary being on the horizon. Instead, I am reviving this old project, which is similar in style to some of the earlier games, but much more graphically advanced.

Back in late 2012, when the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition color screen z80 calculator got announced, I wanted to experiment with layered text sprites, often referred to as dual-layer ASCII sprites. Games like Serenity and Metroid Pi used this technique, although the latter did not use the shifted method. In the process, I wanted to attempt making an RPG like Illusiat 6/Nemesiat, but with larger maps while being (hopefully) smaller.

I eventually got the color calculator model before pushing this RPG engine further, so only the walking engine was done and in 2014 it was posted in Omnimaga downloads section. I have recently uploaded it to TI-Planet, Cemetech and as well.

Almost 9 years later, it's being revived as Darkblasters! It will feature four dungeons, a town and a forest, some magic spells and items, but no shop and in-game currency. There will be no experience points, so your max HP/MP will go up every battle, along with your skill points. Magic will get stronger the more you use it. You'll also not be able to enter buildings in the town, but you will be able to talk to NPC's.

My goals:
-Keep the game and its RAM usage as small as possible
-Hopefully keep it in one file, unlike my entire RPG calculatography.
-Make sure that the speed remains fast enough for 15 MHz calcs. 83+ will be playable, but not the most optimal experience.
-Keep compatibility with the TI-82 Advanced and TI-84 Plus-T models. (This is why the game remains in pure TI-BASIC)

Screenshot showing some of the event sprites that you will be able to interact with. Collision might be tricky for some of those, though… (the game detects any sprite where the top-left-most pixel is turned ON as a solid object)

Battles are currently disabled, since they just endlessly play one of the magic animation.

EDIT: New screenshots:

LL3wJqi.gif xl0f3an.gif vg1rRTs.gif MH3eZll.gif

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I am writing a program that breaks apart strings base on certain criteria. For whatever reason, when I try to use the inString( command to find lowercase letters in a prompted, user-inputted string, it acts as if it has not found it and returns a 0. However, if the lowercase letter is written into the code of the program, it functions properly. I have included some pictures of the program's text and screen output. It's crucial that I have this issue fixed, so any help you can give please do, I'm all ears.
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