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Re: Dell P2213 No DisplayPort by TrenlyTrenly, 27 Jan 2020 17:33

Press the [PRGM] button and find CH2 program, run it by pressing enter

What exactly do you need help with? Simply saying "pls help" doesn't do anyone good. Please explain what you need help with :)


The cable is good, it's brand-new. It's the only cable I have. I do have HDMI to HDMI, but the monitor does not support HDMI. The monitor is good. I tried using this at the ones at school, works fine (The school ones are HP). The Pi does recognize the Monitor when it's plugged in.

What is SSH? I don't have a phone

The Pi has updated graphics drivers, and the distribution has been updated yesterday.


Are you sure the cable is good? Have you tried using a different cable? Have you tried using an HDMI-HDMI cable instead of an HDMI-DisplayPort cable?
Are you sure the monitor is good? Have you tried using the cable with other monitors?
Does the Pi recognize the monitor when the cable is plugged in, even if the monitor does not recognize the Pi? I'm not sure the best way to check this, but you could probably SSH into the Pi using a phone or something
Does the Pi have updated graphics drivers? Has it recently gone through any software updates?

Re: Dell P2213 No DisplayPort by TrenlyTrenly, 27 Jan 2020 04:22

Yes, but I haven't got the help I needed, just stuff about warranties that I don't care about. I care about fixing this, not whether it can be replaced

I just need to see why I cannot connect my DP cable to the monitor. The Raspberry Pi HDMI works fine, just the monitor thinks that the cable doesn't exist


Have you tried contacting the support for either your computer or the monitor?

🧟Initiating Project Horde 🧟

So, I have a Raspberry Pi 3 B (My only computer). I have an HDMI to Display (Male to Male) cable and it's not working. I plugged my Pi in and verified that it is on and working (blinking green LED). I plugged the HDMI to DP cord to the monitor and turned it on. It does not display. The Pi booted Raspbian Linux, but the monitor is showing nothing.

I've seen a similar thread related to my problem,

but does not solve my problem. I did see however on the bottom that VGA seems to work with this monitor. But I do not own such a cable (nor I have the money for it). How can I fix this?

I've added this same thread on the Dell website, to increase chances of help


That's the main program name


Welcome! And my best advice to you right now is to slow down! Bench the RPG for the time being, and spend time learning TI-Basic thoroughly. You'll find it much less frustrating to code once you understand the language a little better. Check out the links @Myles_Zadok posted above, they will be very useful. Have fun!

🧟Initiating Project Horde 🧟

This is a late response, but in my opinion, if you know something well enough to write a program for it, then you understand it well enough. Also, be aware that math programs can be seen as cheating, and that may be traced back to you. Personally, whenever I made a math program I knew that I would never use it on tests or anything, just homework or practice, but I didn't know if I could trust others to do the same, so I never shared the programs with classmates (remember, they can pass it on as well). So… just be careful.

Most equations aren't best suited for a calculator program, as generally, you have the base equations that you modify to then solve for specific variables. You *can* do that on a calculator, but it would probably involve either more code or a lot of equation lists in menus.

As far as games go, start simple and work your way up. Oftentimes, the biggest mistake people make is biting off more than they can chew before they fully grasp the concepts. Also, remember that the more complex the game, generally the slower it will run.

🧟Initiating Project Horde 🧟

why does there say prgm ch2 by m3m3b01m3m3b01, 24 Jan 2020 18:30

so i just got into ti basic and i've seen some really cool stuff out there so i thought why not make a game of my own but the the is even though i try hard i cant seem to grasp the concept and i'm really needing help on my new rpg game. any one out there who wants to help i will accept your help.

Welcome to the TI-Basic Developer, electroatomicelectroatomic! I recommend checking out the Rules and the Starter Kit which is essentially a boot camp to TI-Basic. I hope we're able to help you out in any way we can!

I honestly hardly used TI-Basic in college physics or economics. I felt like it was better if I actually learned the material than just writing code to do it for me, unless I was being asked to use a redundant formula over and over. I know a friend who wanted me to give her my quadratic formula program for a chemistry test, but I have legit no idea why that would be useful in that class. Usually when someone comes along and asks us here a question about a chemistry program that they'd written, we don't understand what they're trying to do, but we can try to point out logic or syntax errors.

There's a wide variety of things in the Archives, so maybe check those out if you want some examples of what others have done.

I am very glad that this exciting community exists. For 3 years I have been using my TI, and I would like to step up the game. I have always been trying to find out functions and tricks on my TI-84 Plus CE that would allow me to solve problems quicker. And recently I thought I could learn TI-Basic. I just Googled 'ti basic', read the Wikipedia page, and than came across this repository. And so far pretty cool!

I have some experience in HTML, CSS, PHP, and databases. I always found the GDC very interesting to use, especially for purposes outside my Maths class. I installed games like PacMan and Flappy Bird from TI84CalcWiz. Afterwards some people heard about it, and I was blown with questions 'How did you do that?' and 'Can you that on my calculator?!'. So I did, only to do it again later, after everybody had to reset their calculators for exams. But now I would like to learn how to make my own games, or perhaps programs that could come useful in Econometrics and Physics, or Chemistry.

Once again, thanks for having me here! SO cool!

At that point its just semantics

That would work, but shouldn't you pass in number, and have one returned instead of keeping them as strings?

def fPart(x):
  return float('.'+str(x).split('.')[1])

If you're working with strings anyways, why not just do a split?

def fPart(x):
  return '.'+x.split('.')[1];

def iPart(x):
  return x.split('.')[0];

You could try using this for fPart. Where you just round to the number of decimal places the original number has.

def fPart(x):
    a = len(str(x)) - len(str(int(x))) - 1
    return round(x-int(x), a)

"disable Floating Point Numbers"

I mean, it's literally the IEEE spec for pretty much every modern architecture and language.
If you really want to avoid it, use the Decimal module (ships with Python).

The solution to a complex problem is often a simple answer.

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