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Hello!! I am Hamburger317, I am a huge calculator enthusiast. I'm from California, and I only have a TI-84+, one of my friends has an entire collection of these things. I got it back in September 2021, and since I got that calculator, I have transformed from a D- student to an A- in math. Thanks to this calculator I now love math (sometimes). I like to make videos, draw, play games, like any other teenager.
I'm okay at making programs in TI-Basic, I made a game where you fish and it plays well (just need to optimize it). I've read all of the Starter Kit but there's still much I have to learn! A pleasure to meet you all!

I've been doing this to study for my midterm in algebra, when I'm finished I'll upload it.

That makes sense, also because string are limited in number I'm guessing that for a program as large as one that needs to compressed having long strings using the sub command to access a specific part of is really common.

Technically, yes, you could. However, that isn't really the point of data compression in this context. The few bytes that would be saved would not be worth the compression and decompression algorithms needed. Specifically regarding strings, compression is (usually) not a good idea because the tokenization is important. For example, these two commands would produce completely different output:

"If this and that thing are important" → Str1 //normal string
"If this and that thing are important" → Str2 //tokens replaced for If / and
sub(Str1,2,11 //returns "f this and"
sub(Str2,2,16 //returns "this and that t"

Because working with strings relies heavily on the tokenization, it isn't exactly viable to compress them using direct token replacement
Re: Adding string compression? by TrenlyTrenly, 19 Jan 2022 22:34

For example, If I had the string "If I run around and desert you?" then you could replace the "If" with the If command saving 2 tokens, and you could replace the "and" with the and gate saving 4. Planning to make a list with more, but I'm not sure if it would actually count as compression. Either way, I'm going to find somewhere to put it because I pretty sure it also will never be slow then the non-compressed version, which is extremely helpful.

Adding string compression? by ApersomaApersoma, 19 Jan 2022 21:53

I know that regular is the fastest, med-med is I think slightly behind and i-fpart is the slowest but how slow are they compared to each other? And which ones take up the most storage?

Outpuy(3,2,"VALUE OF MONEY"
Output(6,3,"PRESS ENTER"
Output(8,3,"U.S EDDITION"
If getKey=105

If A=25

If A ≠ 25
Disp "WRONG!, IT IS 25"

I am aware I am many years late to this topic, but would you happen to know how to invert the sprite without using batlib, just the base calculator with the assembly hex codes?

Re: Sprites by Gira725Gira725, 06 Jan 2022 19:00

heyo, so i was trying to improve speed on one of my programs and i managed to make a faster method of shuffling a list! :] here’s some example code of it

//this code assumes L₁ is already defined !

on my ti83+, i measured it to be about .5 seconds faster on average

a faster way to shuffle L1 by imcoralineimcoraline, 06 Jan 2022 02:45

I know it's been ages, but this is finally officially released!

Download it here:

I'm trying to roll up some prgms into an app and I do not know assembly. I've been to multiple sites and read a few forums, but I'm still stuck and can barely get BB3 to work. I follow instructions until they stop working. Please help.

Firstly, I have TI Connect. I've installed BB, but when trying to add a prgm, it tells me "…prgmname.8xp has an invalid header." I can't find how to give it the right header.

Also, BB documentation tells me I need a "ti83+ sdk" but that link doesn't work.

Is there not an easy procedure for getting started with BB3? And I'm sure I'll have more questions once I get to wabbitsign. None of the forums seem straightforward. Thank you.

oh and, yeah, there are probably some programs for this type of thing elsewhere, but i can assure you these were made by me. wouldn’t be surprised to learn these already exist though, haha

Re: Binary to Decimal by imcoralineimcoraline, 26 Dec 2021 22:50

thanks for advice! and yeah, the formatting is weird, i was trying to get it to not be confused with 4^-1 so it would be truly in that small state, but i couldn’t figure it out so i gave up haha

and the revisions thing, i wanted it to be perfect lol, ill avoid that from now on

Re: Binary to Decimal by imcoralineimcoraline, 26 Dec 2021 22:48

If you want to upload programs, go to the Archives.

As standalone routines, though, these are nice (though I have a sneaking suspicion there are already routines for this somewhere). Your formatting on the superscript ֿ¹ is off, but everything else is fine. I would also refrain from making so many revisions; try to get the program into a workable state and do larger edits as necessary (or at the very least check for typos before submitting), as such a large number of revisions will clog up the history.

The solution to a complex problem is often a simple answer.

Re: Binary to Decimal by kg583kg583, 24 Dec 2021 20:01

this can be smaller if you can be sure of the length of the list (eg: youre trying to compress a game save of boolean values down to save space). for example, if i know the list is gonna be 8 long every time:

Re: Binary to Decimal by imcoralineimcoraline, 19 Dec 2021 18:50

btw, since its is only one line, if you ever for some reason need to convert binary numbers to decimal numbers many times (maybe some sort of compression of boolean values) since this is only one line, you could store it to an equation variable

Re: Binary to Decimal by imcoralineimcoraline, 19 Dec 2021 03:52

by the way, that funky superscript character next to 4 is -1. its really 4^-1 using the inverse command. its .25, but smaller, since it uses less tokens.

im not trying for speed, im trying for size. right now, on my ti83+, this program takes up 37 ram (with a one letter program name, if that changes anything). is there any further optimization possible at this point?

(note: the code takes a binary number in a list (that list is Ans) and outputs the decimal equivalent. for example, 1012 is {1,0,1}.)


okay i did it in reverse this time, im not sure about how optimal this is, but it seems good

Decimal to Binary by imcoralineimcoraline, 19 Dec 2021 02:55

i didnt know how to upload these so i did it now. its the smallest way im aware of to convert a binary number to a decimal number

Binary to Decimal by imcoralineimcoraline, 18 Dec 2021 23:25
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