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After weeks of suffering and losing a lot of brain cells, I have finally creating a Minecraft clone for the calculator. This one only contains breaking and placing blocks, however I plan on creating an inventory screen and a crafting interface in the future. Thanks to CalcNerd and J_Walker87 for answering all of my questions. Without you guys, I couldn't have gone this far!

It's finally here!! by FoxxTrottFoxxTrott, 06 Apr 2021 02:37

Discord server is no longer available. Reason: Deleted

Re: Just some help by Bio_Hazard1282_rPi3Bio_Hazard1282_rPi3, 05 Apr 2021 21:01

Hey, so I am having a bit of trouble uploading my program to the archives; it always gives me an ajax error. What should I do to get around this and actually be able to publish my files? The page works just fine but when I try to upload files, it gives me the error.

Re: Just some help by FoxxTrottFoxxTrott, 05 Apr 2021 02:16

I would use 2 For( loops like this. The for loops will end up checking the whole matrix for any spots with a 1. The spots with 1 will be identified with If, and a tree will be output.

If [A](A,B)=1

You can do the below code for a random shaped tree as well. (T or Y)

If [A](A,B)=1:Then
Re: Just some help by CalcNerdCalcNerd, 03 Apr 2021 01:43

You can also use the "Str▶Equ(" command and then graph the resulting equation.

Re: Graphing a String by J_Walker87J_Walker87, 03 Apr 2021 01:10

I recommend using layered text sprites (see my reply to your earlier question), as this will make displaying two things at once as easy as pie. I'm sure this will make it easier since you'll only have to display something (like a tree) once, instead of looping over it to maintain the look of two characters at once.
See the layered text sprites section of this page:

Re: Just some help by J_Walker87J_Walker87, 03 Apr 2021 01:06

See the section about layered text sprites on the "Graphics" page. It's on the graph screen, but it's about the same level of difficulty as the home screen.

Re: Just some help by J_Walker87J_Walker87, 03 Apr 2021 01:00

Thank you for your post!

Last question, I promise (this is such a big project! XD). So, I was able to semi-output two characters at once using the technique in Grayscale Bug by blue_bear_94. If you look over the code, you can see that he had specific variables for the output for the characters. Now, I am using a matrix to output the characters, which I want to be Y's and T's as they resemble trees in my mind. However, the location of the trees is randomized. Do you know of any way to output this? I tried everything and it doesn't seem to be working. Here's my code for visual reference:


Re: Just some help by FoxxTrottFoxxTrott, 03 Apr 2021 00:30

You can use a Fill command to fill the list up with a certain number if you would like. A For( loop is also a great option as well to fill a list or matrix. Hope this Helps!

Re: Just some help by CalcNerdCalcNerd, 02 Apr 2021 01:06

Another question. Do you know of any way to fill a list like you would with a matrix. I find writing out lines and lines of storing commands is simply tedious and kills the RAM. If I could have a more efficient way of writing something like this, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks, and have a good day!

Re: Just some help by FoxxTrottFoxxTrott, 01 Apr 2021 17:47

Alright, thanks! I really should up my stakes if I wanna be a proficient programmer :)

Re: Just some help by FoxxTrottFoxxTrott, 31 Mar 2021 17:50

I don't think that there is a way to put two characters at the same spot on the home screen. If you display one before the other it will erase the first one and make it look like it is the second one (on the home screen). if you don't have very many walls you can create a somewhat flashing effect by doing this very fast. I am fairly certain that the only way that you can put the two characters at the same spot without erasing is to put it on the graph screen.

Hope this helps!
Happy Programming :)

Re: Just some help by CalcNerdCalcNerd, 31 Mar 2021 16:49

Hey, I was wondering if it was possible to output two different characters on the same coordinates on the home screen (not the graph screen). For example, say I wanted to output an "N" and an "O" to make a wall; how would I go about doing that. I would like for this to be displayed on the home screen rather than the graph because of my skill as a programmer; I don't trust myself with graph programming :P

Thanks, anything helps!

Just some help by FoxxTrottFoxxTrott, 31 Mar 2021 12:46

Version 4.4 of FF:MF is now released, with the following changes since my previous post:

-Changed Holy animation to show crosses instead of the letter I.
-Updated cutscene after you get four crystal shards to look better and be fullscreen, fixing a bug introduced in v4.3 in the process.
-After opening a treasure chest the screen no longer reloads entirely. Only the part erased by the text box is reloaded.
-Fixed graphs being drawn over the CW splash screen.
-Fixed leveling up bug introduced at an unknown time.
-After some magic animations such as Flare and Blitz, the sprites re-appears faster now.
-Using lightning-based magic spells while in the swamp now causes you to take damage as well.
-The main character sprite now faces all four directions while walking.
-The magic casting animation is now shorter.
-Fixed display bug in the 3rd dungeon
-Added map walkthrough in file included with the game. The password is the name of the final boss in lowercase letters.
-Changed many magic spell and battle command icons.
-Cleaned up the code a little bit.

icons2.gif icons1.gif

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I am not sure if I am fully understanding your question, but I believe I may have the code to solve your problem.

:"1/2X+3→Str1      // This being your equation or string
Re: Graphing a String by FoxxTrottFoxxTrott, 29 Mar 2021 17:39

Do you think you could print out the whole code of your program? I don't think I quite understand what you're asking.

Re: Graphing a String by FoxxTrottFoxxTrott, 29 Mar 2021 17:09

Hello! I was wondering if its possible to graph a string,
Let's say that I have the equation 1/2X+3 stored into Str1, I can put this into the Y= screen, put when I hit graph, nothing happens, anyone know how to fix this?

Graphing a String by Gabe PrairieGabe Prairie, 29 Mar 2021 16:17

thank you for your reply!
Both are assembly games, yes.
Anyway, as the software isn't able to detect the device properly, I just purchased a "real" TI-82 (used).
I still don't understand why Wabbitemu won't accept these files though…
Thanks for your help.

The reason the TI-82 stats is recognized as a TI-83 is simple: The TI-82 stats is pretty much the exact same as the US TI-83, thus you can only use TI-83 BASIC software. I do not remember if the 82 stats allows the execution of ASM code or not- Are the files you are trying to send over TI-83 assembly?

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