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I have a function I am trying to write that will do double integrals. I know you can do this in the scratchpad. However, I want to just learn to write programs so I really want to make my own program that does this.
So my function looks like this

"t=fucntion, a₀=lower limit, b₀=upper limit, m=variable we integrate with respect to "

Define LibPub doub_int(t,a₀,b₀,m)=



Disp fy(x,y)


When plugging in values doub_int(2x*y^2,1,x,y) (regardless of what I set "a₀" or "b₀" to) I get this every time


I also know the above is not the entire double integral process. I am just using the above to show how this is failing to pass values. Do I need to pass values using a pointer or something. Please anything could help.

That stinks! Really TI?

TI-Basic DudeTI-Basic Dude 27 Jun 2017 02:54
in discussion General Discussion / Open Topic » Avoido

Hey guys! Some I created a program that is related to Space Snake. It's a pretty good game. So I have decided, why not create my own version? So That's what I did. Here's a brief description about it.

How to play: All you have to do is beat that high score! Sometimes, when you crash into a line, there is a thing called "re-dos". What this is that if you crash into a line, you can keep going if you have re-dos. You can only achieve these if you win them. When you die, there is a 1 out of 10 chance of you getting an extra re-do. There is also a 50/50 chance you will get 2 extra. 😏 If you Don't have any, well… sucks to be you!! (No offense) And, there is a bar at the top, if you can survive till it gets full, you can use a special move: ClrDraw. Use this power-up if things get to…well…hectic. The game is kind of slow, it also challenging to test your timing and performance! This is only available for the monochrome graphing calculators. And it is all on the graph screen. HOWEVER, of someone creates a version for the color graphing versions, I will be thrilled!

I will post the code as soon as possible when I finish the code. This really is a fun addicting program!

With a range of 1000-2000 bytes of code.

Model Compatibility
TI-83 No
TI-83+ Yes
TI-84+ Yes
TI-85 Maybe
TI-89 Titanium Yes
Voyage 200 Maybe (Not sure)
Others No

Got any other ideas for my program? Tell me!

Avoido by TI-Basic DudeTI-Basic Dude, 27 Jun 2017 02:54

Oh, and don't even try to create a flash app for the 84+ CSE and higher, TI has discontinued the use of creating the use of flash apps for the 84+ CSE and CE. 😭😔😡😤

The TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition does support flash app creation, but the CE does not.

Re: Security and protection by jonbushjonbush, 25 Jun 2017 19:21

In the past, I have stored the direction as a complex number, where the real( part represents the horizontal direction, and the imag( part represents the vertical direction. You can turn the direction to the left simply by multiplying it by i. If you also store the position as a complex number, you can add the direction to it to move.

Re: AI not working by jonbushjonbush, 25 Jun 2017 19:18

Okay thanks :)

Re: AI not working by GraicGraic, 25 Jun 2017 00:53

The double posting rule only applies per thread. The way you edited the above post to avoid a double post within this thread is how it is meant to be applied.


Re: AI not working by Myles_ZadokMyles_Zadok, 24 Jun 2017 19:10

This is on a Ti84+ce, so the screen resolution is 26x10, unlike the monochrome calculators.

I am trying to get a simple AI to work like this:
go forward
if wall
turn left

⌊ENGNX and ⌊ENGNY are the x and y positions.
⌊ENGND is the direction it is facing.
[A] is a 26x10 array storing the map (0 = air, 1 = wall etc.)

When I start the program, it sets the direction list to {1, 1}, the X list to {1, 3}, and the Y list to {1, 6}, but as soon as run the program, and the code below is executed, it becomes {2, 2} and {2, 2} while the directions are still {1, 1}

(Just the AI bit):

((E+(D=1)) and E≠27)+((E-(D=3)) and E≠0)→E
((F+(D=2)) and F≠11)+((F-(D=4)) and F≠11)→F
If [A](E,F)≠1:Then
If [A](E,F)=1:Then
If D=5
If ⌊ENGNX(A)=X and ⌊ENGNY(A)=Y
Goto QT

Also how does the double posting rule work? Is it just within "pages" like "Forum » Programming & Design / TI-83/84 Programming » AI not working" that I shouldn't post twice in a row, or like the whole site (Like if I wanted to share a life story right after posting this)?

AI not working by GraicGraic, 24 Jun 2017 18:58

I would actually write my own OS. I don't have the time to now, but I am slowly trying to learn more about it. I want to create my own OS that features all sorts of engineering and physics and calculus functions that can be used. I would also include an optional passcode as part of that OS

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Re: Security and protection by TrenlyTrenly, 24 Jun 2017 06:53

Ever wondered what would happen if someone at your school stole your brand new TI device? Think about it, your brand new TI-84 Plus CE GONE from your desk, you would be SUPER ticked that it got stolen. No way to get it back… BUT, if you programmed a security program/app that will execute when the thief turns it on. And sees, there is a security function. He can't press the on key, he can't use "2nd and Quit". He cant remove the batteries. So he realizes this calculator is useless. Which means he will just have to get it back.

What will you do for your security function? Tell me below!!

Oh, and don't even try to create a flash app for the 84+ CSE and higher, TI has discontinued the use of creating the use of flash apps for the 84+ CSE and CE. 😭😔😡😤

Security and protection by TI-Basic DudeTI-Basic Dude, 24 Jun 2017 02:31

If you are doing more than a minor modification, I would recommend copying the program into a new program first. You can do this by creating a new empty program and using the RCL feature to paste the program you want to copy into the new program. If you break the new program, you will still have a functional copy of the original.

Re: Program editing Discussion by jonbushjonbush, 23 Jun 2017 04:47

Could you please re upload the file in a compressed folder? It helps to conserve site storage. Adding a README file would also be nice 🙂

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You'll need to use the Asm command to run it

Never hapoened to me. Ive had times where I messed up a line, but was always able to fix it

-live the life because the life is good -vivir la vida, porque la vida es buena
-Vie la vie que la vie est bonne -quod est bonum vitae in vita
-lebe das Leben, weil das Leben ist gut -vivere la vita, perché la vita è buona

Re: Program editing Discussion by TrenlyTrenly, 23 Jun 2017 01:05

Hey guys, so there is a lot of programs out there that are edit locked. Many people keep these edit locked to prevent people messing with their program and releasing it as their own. If you just downloaded a program on this website, and think: "Man, this is cool and all, and maybe I could tweek a few things in it.", when you do this, you read and scroll through the code and learn and understand it. Then you add these new "Special features", and when you do after hours of work, you try it out. (Say you did not group the program when you got it),and when you do, you realize something went wrong. Then you scroll through the code AGAIN and see what went wrong, but the thing is, you can't find the problem code. And you don,t have access to a computer with TI-Connect for a while, and the ruined program you got is "Broke", and can't use it until you have a computer again.

I once did this to a program in the archives named: prgmANBOX, with. New features of:
Saving data,
Restoring data,
Updating menus,

But when I did this, the game was COMPLETELY RUINED for ever. I totally regret doing that. Now I know
I won't edit programs ever more unless they are my own.

Ever this happens to you? Tell me about it below!

I've been working on a version if snake, just need s few more big tweaks so it does not take up too much memory, and it'll be ready to go. I'll have it up in a few days.

Re: prgmSNAKE contest by wifijoewifijoe, 19 Jun 2017 02:56

I did some testing with my TI-85, and I believe you are missing some End statements. Additionally, single "=" is used for assigning a value to a variable, and double "==" is used for testing equality. I'd give this a try:

If Q==1
If Q==2
If Q==3
If Q==2
Disp W
Disp X

Additionally, you can also use the STO▶ arrow to assign values on the TI-85.

Re: TI-85 Surveying program by jonbushjonbush, 19 Jun 2017 00:26
BattlesquidBattlesquid 18 Jun 2017 23:38
in discussion Forum 101 / Wiki Page Discussions » Mastermind

It seems like the original Mastermind doesn't complete the loop that creates L2. Try the alternative Mastermind, and while doing so, make sure line 4 is typed correctly. We might have to look into the original one and make sure it works (and if not, modify it).


tibasicdevsig3.png cforceuserbar.png
by BattlesquidBattlesquid, 18 Jun 2017 23:38

You would have to use a computer, or you could use Mimas (found on ticalc, which is an on calc assembly editor). It might be better to learn C or Axe Parser, to ease the transition from BASIC to Assembly.

I also suggest the usage of an emulator, as to avoid accidental RAM crashes.

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