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This is a cool concept :)

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Re: It's finally here!! by leigerleiger, 04 Dec 2022 04:36

I see someone else is looking for a few more characters too. I'm specifically missing 4 (Hex: 24) and )) (Hex: DE) I've been trying for hours, but haven't been able to get them onto my calculator.

pow4 and )) characters by DavHedDavHed, 23 Nov 2022 22:27

This may be a noob question, but I'm missing a few characters, such as 4 (Hex: 24) and )) (Hex: DE) I've been trying for hours, but haven't been able to get them onto my calculator.

Re: CHARS Page by DavHedDavHed, 23 Nov 2022 22:14
Hey peeps
DavHedDavHed 23 Nov 2022 22:07
in discussion Forum 101 / Community Introductions » Hey peeps

Hi everyone,
I'm a 3D artist living in Sweden. I only do scripting (maxscript/python) at the moment, but I've always had an inclination towards programming. I recently found my old TI-83 plus and all the memories came back! I love the limitations it has. Right now I'm looking into the TI-83 plus' character map, trying to find the last few characters that are missing in the CHARS.8xp.

I've probably seen all movies about time travel.

Good to meet you all!

Hey peeps by DavHedDavHed, 23 Nov 2022 22:07

You cannot do this in TI-Basic.

If you want to though, you can create a custom list with up to 5 letters in the name, and store your number(s) in that.
So you could do:


The (1 is important because it specifies what index of the list to store your number at. Also, because it's the first index, the calculator will automatically create the list for you, if it doesn't already exist.

Hope this helps!

But do note that this takes up more space, and if you're only using the list for one value, your program will look cleaner if you just use a normal single letter variable instead.

so i want to make variables with more than one char in the name but that gives me an error
how to do this without error

(account deleted) 12 Nov 2022 01:07
in discussion Hidden / Trash Can » Goodbye

See ya peeps, it was nice.

AchakTheFurry#9671 on Discord.

Hewwo, my name is Achak Claw. I was formerly BioHazard.

Goodbye by (account deleted), 12 Nov 2022 01:07

Make sure you’re using the List variable (L₆) and not typing "L6" as two separate characters

Re: help by TrenlyTrenly, 21 Oct 2022 17:49

I keep getting a domain error on line " If pxl-Test(62-I+4,X) or pxl-Test(62-(L6(2)+I)+4,L6(1)+X) or pxl-Test(62-(L6(4)+I)+4,L6(3)+X) or pxl-Test(62-(L6(6)+I)+4,L6(5)+X):Then" and I don't know how to fix it because i have retyped it multiple times

help by Avery MageorsAvery Mageors, 21 Oct 2022 14:29


My program is suvat as in make your choice s,u,v,a,t.
I need three letters from suvat to solve a problem.
nCR(5,3) gives 10 combinations I assign to numbers 1-10.

Request ("what is your number?"),n
if num[n]=n then
goto block

Every time I want to solve a problem I need to look up the block number to use.

My question: is there another way to do this kind of thing?
I'm trying to learn how to use this calculator.

programming options by CeorlCeorl, 17 Oct 2022 18:16
Antimatter ColliderAntimatter Collider 09 Oct 2022 03:45
in discussion Forum 101 / Community Introductions » Sup

Hi, I'm Antimatter Collider, and I like to program choose your own adventur type games. My favorite genres are comedy, sci-fi, action, and horror. I'm glad to be here, so hi!



Sup by Antimatter ColliderAntimatter Collider, 09 Oct 2022 03:45
Loik PaquetLoik Paquet 04 Oct 2022 17:50
in discussion Forum 101 / Community Introductions » Hello

Hi I’m loik I’m a multi-language développer and I wanted to share some of my programs to the world

Hello by Loik PaquetLoik Paquet, 04 Oct 2022 17:50

I'm trying to find a way to type a single vertical bar on my ti83+. If you go to the large font, it's hex code 7C and looks like this |. Please help if you know how to type this! Thanks

Can't find | key by tired247365tired247365, 24 Sep 2022 15:21

CEmu does not include it's own code editor. For writing a TI-Basic program, I highly suggest you use SourceCoder over on Cemetech. It's designed primarily for writing and exporting TI-Basic programs, plus you can sign up on the site to save your project online and also chat with a whole bunch of other calculator programmers in real time.

I have CEmu and a physical ti-84 plus CE, but I cant quite figure out how to import .8xp files to CEmu, do you happen to know of any videos/sites which explain how to do this? Also, if there is a code editor on CEmu that would be a massive help. Really a general tutorial on using CEmu would be nice, as its not the most intuitive.

Edit: i found out how to upload files to the calculator, but i'm still wondering if there is/how to use a code editor in CEmu

Hello, I am currently wondering as to what makes the TI-Basic interpreter tick as currently I want to widen the audience of TI-Basic by making a (sort-of) emulator that only runs basic as to not get muddled up with copyright issues as no roms would be distributed nor needed. Think of this project as similar to the CHIP-8 systems of old but I havent been able to figure out what is making a seemingly random string of bytes work as both a hex editor and notepad++ have brought up no concrete results as to how such an interpreter would need to work as I do want it to be able to run directly from files in the 8xp format. If anyone has any information regarding 8xp files as BASIC source code please share.

Good game. i like it alot.

I like it by LJDevLJDev, 31 Jul 2022 15:47

hey can you make a file download?

download by LJDevLJDev, 16 Jul 2022 18:07
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