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Hi! I just started getting into programming this year. I have been studying Computer Science for the past year but it has been mostly hardware. I just started learning Java and found that TI- Basic can automate my entire stats class. I have been enjoying what I have learned and I hope to share my programs so other people in stats can take some shortcuts as well. I look forward to learning more about programming and hope I don't become annoying.

Hi there by gentlewolf60gentlewolf60, 20 Mar 2019 17:33

Sorry for the long response time, I figured it out after looking where you told me. Thank you for the help.

I saw it, thank you. It works. Thanks!


Re: Invalid File by Bio_Hazard1282Bio_Hazard1282, 19 Mar 2019 14:42

A .8xp has been added to the downloads list

Re: Invalid File by TrenlyTrenly, 19 Mar 2019 14:26

That's because the program is a 83 plus family program. What you can do, use TokenIDE or source coder 3 and view the source of the file. Copy and paste the code. Then, open TI-CONNECT CE and paste it. Then, edit some things and save it as an .8xp program. Now, open calculator explorer, open and send the file.

Re: Invalid File by GatoradeDCGatoradeDC, 19 Mar 2019 01:36

I am trying to send this program in TI-Connect CE, but this program is a .83p program and TI-Connect CE says it's an invalid file. Is there an .8xp version of this file? Or do I have to type 4,020 bytes of code by hand?


Invalid File by Bio_Hazard1282Bio_Hazard1282, 18 Mar 2019 23:06

Agreed, I can assume you can do this with any token you want (given the correct hex code). It is useful when you want to access special tokens when you don't have access to all of them in just BASIC.


Re: Percent Token by Bio_Hazard1282Bio_Hazard1282, 18 Mar 2019 17:16

Holy heck, have y'all seen this page? It is clever as heck! Basically, the assembly program is:

  • Locating itself
  • Changing its file type to an unprotected program
  • Has extra data at the end to be read later

This is such a beautiful, concise routine!

Z80 Assembly>English>TI-BASIC>Python>French>C>0

Percent Token by Xeda ElnaraXeda Elnara, 18 Mar 2019 03:08

Try pressing F10 and opening the application file that you would send to your calculator

Re: Wabbitemu help by TrenlyTrenly, 17 Mar 2019 20:26

So, I've gotten Wabbitemu recently and I've had no problems installing the OS on it and setting up a ROM file. What I'm struggling with is getting a flash application on there. I'm trying to get MirageOS on Wabbitemu but, that requires the TI link thing which requires Admin rights to use which I do not have on the computer I'm using.
Is there any other way I could install MirageOS?

To clarify, I'm using a TI-84 Plus Silver Edition OS emulation

Wabbitemu help by D4RKC0D3RD4RKC0D3R, 17 Mar 2019 18:59

You can download a utility program I made below:

This is called File Manager, which you are able to unlock any program. But be careful however, if you unlock a compiled assembly program, don't group it. Because if you do group it, and try to un-group it, you will receive an ERR:VERSION error. You can group assembly programs, just don't unlock them. If you wish to see the source code, use File Manager to download the source code of the program. It gets the job done.

EDIT: Oh… I just forgot that you use a CE xD


Looks like Cesium has a built-in check to stop you from unlocking ASM programs. I suppose I need to ask Mateo (the maker of Cesium) if he has a hex code or way to unlock programs on the CE.

That depends on the platform Cesium runs on. If it's a gray-scale flash app/program, then it can only run on the grey-scale calculators. It wont work on the CE. If it's a CSE program, it wont work. If it's a CE program, run Asm(prgmPROGNAME, try it out.

Do you know the platform for this program/flash app?

EDIT: I found out this is a program shell for the CE. If it can run, archive, hide, and lock programs, then yes. But I have not tried the shell before, so I'll try it out when I can.

EDIT 2: You can download the file at this link:

EDIT 3: You don't need the Asm84CEPrgm. Just use the Asm() command.


But I can use Cesium to unlock programs on the CE, right? I’m just asking if that method works on the CE with Asm84CEPrgm.

Well, I'm not sure if this is the token you wanted, but the result of hex code '20' is randM(

I usually unlock programs via Celtic 3. For unlocking assembly programs normally, you would have to do:


Then do...


then use the AsmPrgmEFD74AFE04C03CEB4E234623117884121CEDB0AF12EFF142D8EE0377C9 code to unlock...

With Celtic 3, all I have to do is…


That's all. One step.

Is that what the method is saying?

What do you mean exactly by your method?


You can unlock programs with Cesium, and from my understanding if I want token 0x20 I could just make


then compile and unlock it and it would have the token. Is that what the method is saying? I don’t have a grayscale calculator so I can’t try it.

You can't unlock programs, because the edit-lock assembly program was never implemented. Most gray-scale hex codes wont work with the CE.

As far as I know, none exists yet on this site.


A. I’m on 5.3.0.
B. I’m referring to the method detailed at tibasicdev.wikidot. com/tokens

There are several ways to insert a token given its hex value; all of them require an assembly program of some form. One of the easiest is to create an assembly program using AsmPrgm followed by the hex codes you want to convert to tokens, assemble it using AsmComp(, and then unlock it (there are many programs that allow you to do this).

can get any token on grayscale calculators with AsmPrgm and AsmComp by compiling and unlocking the program

You can't get ALL tokens on the gray-scale calculators. Some won't display like you want them to. Characters like D0 will display the ClrList command instead. There aren't a whole lot assembly programs for the CE that does that specifically. The tokens for the CE are somewhat different, and harder to access. The newest CE operating system (version won't even let you use the Asm84CEPrgm because it's disabled. You can't even compile them
without that token. For accessing tokens; you can however, revert to an earlier operating system. If your good with z80 assembly programming, it won't be such a hard task to achieve. Or, you may look on (search in the archives) and look to see if there is a assembly program that will fit your needs. The tokens are very much different from the gray-scale, so the results may be different. Hope this helps, good luck with the search! :)


I know that you can get any token on grayscale calculators with AsmPrgm and AsmComp by compiling and unlocking the program. Does this still work on the CE?

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