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Date: 11 Sep 2012 17:03
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CopyProg has been a useful assembly tool to many BASIC programmers, but it is now ready to be revamped. Pretend you could copy any program from RAM or archive to any other program, saving your flash chip and also saving your users precious RAM. Now pretend you had the ability to archive these programs, unarchive them, delete them, read lines in these programs, even if they were in archive memory, and get program names, alphabetically. Now take all that, and add the ability to not only use programs, but use appvars, tempprograms, and protected programs, strings, pictures. That isn't to say you can only copy programs to programs, and strings to strings. Instead, you can copy programs to strings, pictures to appvars, and more. This is what Copyprog offers. How big is a program that can do all this? 707 bytes. This program is perfect for large games with subprograms and other external data and for making shells (think MirageOS), but in BASIC.
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