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by: DaCodeBoiDaCodeBoi
16 May 2024 19:31
2 by DaCodeBoiDaCodeBoi
17 May 2024 07:21 Jump!
How would one go about modifying the code below to make it do multiple lines of text.
by: EnerLordeEnerLorde
22 Mar 2024 17:36
2 by naga_serpentisnaga_serpentis
04 Apr 2024 07:24 Jump!
When deleting a list variable, it seems to remove the last column from the list editor.
by: SuperSimoSuperSimo
13 Feb 2024 01:24
2 by jonbushjonbush
15 Feb 2024 04:43 Jump!
How can I isolate that exponent so I can save it into a variable to display the name by degree/end behavior of function?
by: unformattedunformatted
10 Nov 2023 17:10
2 by SuperSimoSuperSimo
29 Nov 2023 03:19 Jump!
Does anyone here know how to make a name input screen?
by: tatboutatbou
17 Oct 2023 19:39
3 by J_Walker87J_Walker87
03 Nov 2023 14:07 Jump!
This program shows a syntax error after drawing a circle, this is a program from the example programs on this website, so maybe someone should fix it: its the math program example Analog Clock
by: bigj333bigj333
03 Oct 2023 13:22
2 by jonbushjonbush
04 Oct 2023 02:21 Jump!
i wanna be able to make a list and name it using the value stored in Str1
by: CholsreaCholsrea
21 Sep 2023 00:43
2 by jonbushjonbush
21 Sep 2023 04:42 Jump!
help please
by: ant787332ant787332
04 Jul 2023 06:23
2 by jonbushjonbush
16 Jul 2023 08:09 Jump!
I am a solo game developer and I want to make a game and the community can help me shape and make it!
by: Greenhoh1Greenhoh1
13 Jun 2023 03:34
This is where programmers can share tips and tricks with each other.
by: AbrahamFromWPAbrahamFromWP
20 Apr 2023 19:11
2 by unformattedunformatted
10 Nov 2023 17:34 Jump!
08 Feb 2023 07:14
2 by kg583kg583
08 Feb 2023 16:50 Jump!
by: HacksAndSlash01HacksAndSlash01
18 Aug 2022 02:59
3 by Michael2_3BMichael2_3B
13 Feb 2024 04:39 Jump!
Need to find intercept between quadratic and linear.
by: CamLeonardCamLeonard
26 May 2022 17:56
2 by Xeda ElnaraXeda Elnara
20 Jun 2022 03:35 Jump!
This is my first Ti-BASIC game! It's just a simple guessing game.
by: PresentExcludesRunPresentExcludesRun
24 Feb 2022 12:07
2 by (account deleted)
25 Feb 2022 01:02 Jump!
this is my first program that I have uploaded this is a money quiz that will teach kids the value of money. this only applies to the money used in the U.S for now. heads up there is only one question right now. but feel free to use this as a base for different types of money, translations, add more questions or improve the program its self. I could not get the program link its self. so I just put the code down below so people can write it on there caculators or copy and past it in a new program on TI connect and send it to there TI-83 or any way that works for you.
by: LW tutorialsLW tutorials
11 Jan 2022 23:41
4 by (account deleted)
02 Mar 2022 03:40 Jump!
i have found a faster (but larger) method to shuffle a list than the typical method
by: imcoralineimcoraline
06 Jan 2022 02:45
String conversions are confusing (TI-84 Plus)
by: AidanThirdAidanThird
21 Nov 2021 20:35
2 by TrenlyTrenly
21 Nov 2021 23:52 Jump!
i would like to learn how to make a RPG for TI-83. I had everything i needed but my calculator crashed and I had no choice but to lose all of my work. i removed the battery's because all the buttons were non responsive. after the reset I lost all of my games and code. i would like help with movement, map making and that's all. :)
by: LW tutorialsLW tutorials
19 Nov 2021 21:15
2 by LW tutorialsLW tutorials
19 Nov 2021 22:54 Jump!
Retrieve results from LinRegTTest and use them in a custom program
by: jpmdjpmd
15 Nov 2021 16:13
3 by jpmdjpmd
16 Nov 2021 16:20 Jump!
I just got the ti 83 graph link cable for my computer but idk how to use it. :(
by: LW tutorialsLW tutorials
12 Sep 2021 14:33
2 by Michael2_3BMichael2_3B
13 Sep 2021 02:18 Jump!
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