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An error viewer for your calc, always accepting new suggestions.
by: Josiah WJosiah W
30 Mar 2013 17:14
18 by L1k3awh15p3rL1k3awh15p3r
09 Apr 2013 01:24 Jump!
It's a 2D turn based strategy that's about half way finished so far... Working parts: Tile map, store, main screen, curser.
by: Stephen BendlStephen Bendl
18 Feb 2013 18:05
6 by (account deleted)
08 Mar 2013 17:41 Jump!
The functional aspect of this program is that it should be able to solve any valid Rubik's cube combination that you give it, but it's also an experiment of sorts. I'm planning on using nested matrices or some equivalent to basically create a 4-D matrix that I use to keep track of each piece and its orientation! Four dimensions! Cool!
by: Stephen BendlStephen Bendl
23 Feb 2013 06:00
2 by (account deleted)
08 Mar 2013 17:39 Jump!
It ain't an OS
by: Silver PhantomSilver Phantom
21 Feb 2013 13:56
3 by Silver PhantomSilver Phantom
21 Feb 2013 21:42 Jump!
by: amihartamihart
10 Feb 2013 21:07
6 by amihartamihart
14 Feb 2013 06:01 Jump!
Find factors and rads
by: lupus6x9lupus6x9
07 Feb 2009 00:50
9 by Xeda ElnaraXeda Elnara
28 Jan 2013 17:40 Jump!
An assembly program to compress lists.
by: Xeda ElnaraXeda Elnara
13 Jan 2013 18:39
Yes, that game...
by: (account deleted)
11 Dec 2012 23:11
4 by (account deleted)
16 Dec 2012 13:57 Jump!
This is my 2012 Apocalypse Contest entry!
by: Xeda ElnaraXeda Elnara
02 Dec 2012 15:25
14 by Xeda ElnaraXeda Elnara
03 Dec 2012 23:03 Jump!
by: RoguebanthaRoguebantha
21 Oct 2012 21:06
21 by RoguebanthaRoguebantha
05 Nov 2012 16:00 Jump!
by: SuperchuFrostbiteSuperchuFrostbite
29 Aug 2012 00:21
16 by SuperchuFrostbiteSuperchuFrostbite
03 Oct 2012 21:55 Jump!
CopyProg has been a useful assembly tool to many BASIC programmers, but it is now ready to be revamped. Pretend you could copy any program from RAM or archive to any other program, saving your flash chip and also saving your users precious RAM. Now pretend you had the ability to archive these programs, unarchive them, delete them, read lines in these programs, even if they were in archive memory, and get program names, alphabetically. Now take all that, and add the ability to not only use programs, but use appvars, tempprograms, and protected programs, strings, pictures. That isn't to say you can only copy programs to programs, and strings to strings. Instead, you can copy programs to strings, pictures to appvars, and more. This is what Copyprog offers. How big is a program that can do all this? 707 bytes. This program is perfect for large games with subprograms and other external data and for making shells (think MirageOS), but in BASIC.
by: Xeda ElnaraXeda Elnara
11 Sep 2012 17:03
The ultimate Basic calculator shell. No libraries necessary.
by: PocketPCPocketPC
08 Sep 2012 18:31
2 by Xeda ElnaraXeda Elnara
08 Sep 2012 22:48 Jump!
Its not really astroids but it's kinda like it :)
by: WhoCarrotWhoCarrot
28 Feb 2012 17:18
21 by SuperchuFrostbiteSuperchuFrostbite
29 Aug 2012 22:32 Jump!
A program that creates a random pixel maze that you have to navigate. Could I have help optimizing it?
01 Jun 2012 22:56
10 by SuperchuFrostbiteSuperchuFrostbite
29 Aug 2012 22:12 Jump!
The first completed draft of my version of minesweeper
by: Wolfgang47Wolfgang47
07 Jul 2012 13:53
4 by Wolfgang47Wolfgang47
12 Jul 2012 22:40 Jump!
Download and Test this Os and give me a feedback! Download on (just Swatch for Erasmus Hoffmann and you will find ot)
by: Erasmus HoffmannErasmus Hoffmann
13 Jun 2012 11:02
A simple, 600-byte arcade game.
by: IndigoWareIndigoWare
31 May 2012 01:27
About 140 bytes, and it won't throw errors. It's also pretty fast. A string of 64 "1"s takes about 2.5 seconds, but those are HUGE numbers. Small stuff (<16 digits) is fast.
by: Wolfgang47Wolfgang47
01 May 2012 19:30
7 by Wolfgang47 (guest)
02 May 2012 00:44 Jump!
I wanted some input before I dive in!
by: Xeda ElnaraXeda Elnara
28 Apr 2012 21:09
25 by Boba_Fox (guest)
01 May 2012 19:44 Jump!