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So I have been working on a new game where you are a pixel on the screen and have to get points while avoiding the other pixels.
by: BossOpossum9BossOpossum9
08 May 2017 19:27
10 by BossOpossum9BossOpossum9
11 May 2017 13:04 Jump!
I am working on a game where there is a player (currently an arrow that points which way you face) in the center of the screen that has to defend itself against an onslaught of enemies that come from the top side, the left side, the right side and the bottom side of the screen in a total of 4 paths. I have encountered a problem though...I don't know how to make the arrow "shoot", the shot remove the first enemy on the row/column, the enemy's come without slowing the game down way to much, or how to get the enemy's to speed up every 10 kills you get.
by: BossOpossum9BossOpossum9
04 May 2017 17:08
6 by BossOpossum9BossOpossum9
04 May 2017 19:21 Jump!
Want to find your BMI? Program This!
by: (account deleted)
26 Apr 2017 15:53
22 by Myles_ZadokMyles_Zadok
02 May 2017 14:25 Jump!
by: (account deleted)
24 Apr 2017 14:07
15 by TrenlyTrenly
26 Apr 2017 14:53 Jump!
Try it and execute it now!
by: (account deleted)
10 Apr 2017 14:07
I created a system of equation solver using matrices.
by: DestroboyBDestroboyB
16 Mar 2017 20:29
2 by MinxrodMinxrod
20 Mar 2017 20:40 Jump!
Feel free to post any of your programs if you like. And yes, I may copy programs from wikidot, but I update them and show them. And now, there is a daily challenge for people in my forum. Good luck! 1. Create a program that asks for a username and password when you turn on the calculator. (Hint: The username and password NEED to be stored into a string in order for it to work.) You can create your coding of your choice. DO NOT USE ANY DOWNLOAD APPS!!!! You must be creative and think and understand your codes while you program your program.
by: (account deleted)
10 Mar 2017 21:16
71 by (account deleted)
29 Mar 2017 19:17 Jump!
Very small and fast program for Wolfram's one dimensional cellular automata rules
by: Spie812Spie812
24 Feb 2017 01:49
5 by BattlesquidBattlesquid
06 Mar 2017 02:45 Jump!
I created a betting if you want to take a look at it
by: DestroboyBDestroboyB
24 Jan 2017 23:18
12 by DestroboyBDestroboyB
02 Feb 2017 00:04 Jump!
What is the current project that you are working on for TI-Basic?
by: Heroic GamerHeroic Gamer
18 Jan 2017 03:52
19 by Silver PhantomSilver Phantom
10 Feb 2017 20:20 Jump!
It will determine the day of the week of Easter given the year.
by: Jasper (guest)
06 Aug 2016 22:01
2 by BattlesquidBattlesquid
12 Aug 2016 14:10 Jump!
Thought I'd share this.
by: Josiah WJosiah W
27 Jun 2016 13:58
9 by lirtosiastlirtosiast
08 Jul 2016 21:58 Jump!
I'm 10 years old and I just made a program. It finds the day of the week for any date.
by: Jasper (guest)
23 Jun 2016 19:34
14 by Jasper (guest)
27 Jul 2016 11:50 Jump!
I`m starting to work on a new RPG game. I will also be making a computer version,but for now,TI-Basic will do.
by: Tylyn GamingTylyn Gaming
18 May 2016 00:33
5 by Tylyn GamingTylyn Gaming
13 Oct 2016 20:15 Jump!
This is an extensive virtual fish program which includes highscores, minigames, money, the ability to catch more fish. If you have any suggestions, ideas, or questions, I am open to all of them!
by: KydapootKydapoot
10 May 2016 22:10
7 by KydapootKydapoot
24 May 2016 12:58 Jump!
It does math stuff
by: CodingdorfCodingdorf
03 May 2016 23:10
3 by CodingdorfCodingdorf
05 May 2016 22:57 Jump!
See the program archives for more information. You can find it under utilities or misc. Here is the code if you want to enter it by hand or look at how it works.
by: KydapootKydapoot
29 Mar 2016 14:59
3 by KydapootKydapoot
29 Mar 2016 17:53 Jump!
Converts a binary number to it's decimal equivalent
by: Alexa (guest)
02 Feb 2016 04:50
3 by ZacharyPiZacharyPi
07 Apr 2016 00:32 Jump!
Port of Flow Free for the TI-84
by: jonbushjonbush
18 Oct 2015 02:28
8 by xlibmanxlibman
28 Oct 2015 22:09 Jump!
I am working on a game called scavenger and I need help adding score.
by: CodeMaster123CodeMaster123
09 Aug 2015 19:52
3 by CodeMaster123CodeMaster123
10 Aug 2015 18:31 Jump!