File Extensions

These are all of the different file extensions that you can run across when accessing or transferring files. They are split up into the TI-83 category, the TI-83+ category, the TI-84+ C Silver Edition category, and the TI-84+CE category. You will probably notice that the main difference is that the 83* for the TI-83 was replaced with the 8X* for the TI-83+. The TI-83+ also has Flash ROM, so there are file extensions for that. The TI-84 + C Silver Edition has most of the same extensions, with the major difference being the .8CK (Flash App) and .8CU (OS). The same applies to the TI-84+CE with its extensions being .8EU (OS) and .8EK (Flash App).

TI-83 TI-83+ TI-84+ C Silver Edition TI-84+CE Computer
83B — Backup
83C — Complex Number
83D — Debugger File
83G — Group
83I — Image
83L — List
83M — Matrix
83N — Real Number
83P — Calculator Program
83S — String
83T — Text
83W — Window Setup
83Y — Y-Variable
83Z — Zoom
8XB — Backup
8XC — Complex
8XE — Calculator Program
8XG/8XO1 — Group
8XI — Image
8XK — Flash Application
8XL — List
8XM — Matrix
8XN — Real
8XP — Calculator Program
8XQ — Certificate
8XS — String
8XT — Text
8XU — Operating System
8XV — Application Variable
8XW — Window Setup
8XY — Y-Variable
8XZ — Zoom
8XB — Backup memory image
8XC — Complex variable or App variable
8XD — GDB (graph database)
8XE — Expression (numbers, equations, etc.)
8XF — Function (Y-Vars, user-defined functions, etc.)
8XG — Group
8XI — Picture
8CK — Applications
8XL — List
8XM — Matrix
8XN — Number
8XP — Program
8XS — String variable
8XT — Table Setup or Text File
8CU — Operating System (OS)
8XV — App Variable
8XW — Window Setup
8XY — App variable
8XZ — ASM (Assembly line program)

b84 — TI-84 Plus CE Bundle (OS+Apps)
8ca — TI-84 Plus C Family Image
8ci — TI-84 Plus C Family Pic
8ek — Flash Application
8eu — Operating System
8xc — Complex number (alike to .8xn)
8xd — GDB
8xg — Group object
8xl — List (and Complex list)
8xm — Matrix
8xn — Number (alike to .8xc)
8xp — Program
8xs — String
8xt — TableSet
8xv — App Variable
8xw — Window setup
8xy — Y-Var
8xz — Zoom

csv — Comma Separated Value (TI-Connect CE feature, used to create Lists (.8xl) or Matrices (.8xm))


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