The ►F◄►D Command

Command Summary

Converts a number between fraction form and decimal form.

Command Syntax


Menu Location


  1. MATH
  2. RIGHT to NUM
  3. ALPHA B

Alternatively, access the catalog.

Calculator Compatibility

TI-84 2.53MP only

Token Size

2 bytes

The ►F◄►D command is used to convert a number from fraction form to decimal form, or vice versa. Regardless of what form the given number is, this command is meant to automatically determine the form so that it returns the other. It is in essence a combination of the ►Frac and ►Dec commands, applying ►Frac if the input is in decimal form and ►Dec if it is a fraction.

7.5►F◄ ►D
Ans►F◄ ►D

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