If you feel that you have accomplished and mastered the art of programming, then the next step is to use that new skill in application. Test your knowledge with challenges and projects, and study professional routines and games to expand on what you know.


This is a comprehensive test on your knowledge of TI-Basic. It contains questions with answers to see if you are knowledgeable in the arts of programming.


These are the programming challenges that are put forth by other members of the community. Try your hand at the grueling dares by creating a program that best fits the criteria.

Project Ideas

These are some of the project ideas to help you get started on some major programming stuff. If you need an idea or illumination, then try this corner.


Here are some projects currently going on here at TI|BD! Feel free to participate in these community oriented programming projects.


These quick chunks of code allow you to get through your programming without the hassle of inventing something already invented. These are optimized and ready for you to use them, of course whenever you need it.


A program will give an opportunity for input and for sure gives some sort of output. The programs provide examples of certain goals being met. These will also show you how to create input and output in crafty ways to help you become a more competent programmer.


The games here are very simple ones, but they use all of the design and techniques discussed in this wiki. These games are an example of what TI-Basic has to offer and how the techniques can be combined to create a full-fledged game.


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