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…that you can get away with not having a colon or a new line after DelVar? (edit)

…that you can scroll the Pause command's optional argument to see it in its entirety? (edit)

…that the smallest (though not the fastest) way to shade the entire graph screen is Shade(Ymin,Ymax)? (edit)

…that pressing alpha in the program editor followed by up or down, you will scroll a whole page of program code? (edit)

…that pressing [2nd] [RIGHT] in the program editor will take you to the end of your current line, and [2nd] [LEFT] will take you to the beginning of that line? (edit)

…that TI added several new TI-Basic commands to the newer TI-84+/SE calculators? (edit)

…that you can use -E99 and E99 to represent -∞ and +∞ in many calculations? (edit)

…that a Repeat loop will always loop at least once, regardless of whether the condition is true or false before entering the loop? (edit)

…that the arrow and DEL keys can actually be held down, which will cause the key to keep being repeated until it is released? (edit)

…that the key codes follow a simple pattern: a key is represented by putting its row and column together? (edit)

…that you can access the lowercase letters by using an assembly program to turn on the lowercase flag that the calculator uses for enabling lowercase letters? (edit)

…that the Horiz format will split the screen in half horizontally, with both the graph screen and home screen being shown at the same time? (edit)

…that the expr( command allows you to store an expression to a string and then execute the string? (edit)

…that the TI-83 series of calculators does implicit multiplication, so there is no need to ever use the * sign? (edit)

…that iPart( and int( will return the same answers for positive numbers, but int( will return an answer 1 less than iPart( for (non-integer) negative numbers? (edit)

…that lists are the only variable that you can give your own names to? (edit)

…that you can omit the closing parentheses, quote, square bracket, curly brace, etc. at the end of a command or function? (edit)

…that Finance under the Applications menu is really not an application at all? (edit)

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