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Besides reading the programming information that the wiki provides, there are several additional TI-Basic tutorials and guides that other people have created that you might find handy. As quality tutorials and guides are hard to come by for TI-Basic and Assembly, some of the tutorials and guides listed here are not that great (they are unfinished or have holes in their content). Still, having the information to read and learn from is better than the converse.

Name Author
UCS TI-Basic Tutorial ?
TI Source - TI-83+ Basic Programming ?
TI-Freakware BASIC Tutorial Daniel Thorneycroft
Kerm Martian's Complete TI-83/+/SE BASIC Tutorials Kerm Martian
BASIC Guru Online Tutorials Ben Ilegbodu
TI 83 BASIC Tutorial Jacob W. Tatay
TI-83 BASIC Tutorial (Portuguese) Sérgio Santos
Basic on TI-82-83+SE Yannick Wrtal
Programming On The TI-82 Andy Gelzleichter
BASIC Tutor Hieu-Trung Le
Programming with the TI-83 Chris Neugebauer
mjs2000 inc. Tutorials ?
Rogue's TI-86 Basic Tutorial ?
HeaneySoft BASIC Tutorial ?
TI-83 Programming Tutorials Lue Her and Andy Becker
TI-BASIC for noobs ?
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