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When it comes to releasing a program, an inexperienced programmer may well release his work quietly and in an unassuming form, which people will simply glance over without stopping.

This tutorial will tell you how to avoid this, and make your program get all the attention it deserves. (more...)


Piecewise expressions are a shortcut to handling conditions in math statements.

They can be used for turning an If block or several such blocks into a single line, creating much smaller and faster code. (more...)

A subprogram is a program called by another program to perform a particular task or function for the program.

When a task needs to be performed multiple times (such as displaying character data), you can make it into a separate subprogram.

The complete program is thus made up of multiple smaller, independent subprograms that work together with the main program. (more...)

Statistics is a mathematical science pertaining to the collection, analysis, interpretation or explanation, and presentation of data (source: Wikipedia).

The calculator has a series of commands devoted to statistics, including regression models, probability distributions, significance tests, and confidence intervals (more...)

Optimization is an extremely important part of the programming process, and involves making programs as fast and small as possible. Speed is important because TI-Basic is slow, while size is important because the calculator has limited memory.

It should be your goal, in virtually all cases, to make your programs as small and fast as possible. (more...)


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