How To Test Your Calculator to check if everything is working correctly
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In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to BOOT TEST your calculator. (Or self-test)
What this does it "tests" to see if everything is working correctly on your calculator.
Here are some things you need to know…

  • Doing this resets all of your RAM
  • This test may take a while to complete successfully
  • There may be a chance of your calculator displaying a message: "ROM Fail"
Lets begin the test. Press "Mode", then "Alpha" + "Ln" . Your calculator will display something like this:
Don't worry, it will only clear your RAM.
Press "Enter" twice.
It will show this.
If it shows "ID fail", don't worry, it means there is no PRODUCT ID. Press enter. It will then show the amount of RAM that your calculator can hold maximum. Press enter. There will be a counter that will increment by 1 about 6 seconds every time. Press "On" to skip this part. The screen test will now be executed. This will see if all pixels are working correctly. Press on to skip, or enter to go into the next phase.
After, it will test if all keys are working correctly. Press the keys that match the corresponding key code that is on the screen.
After, the test is over and a RAM cleared screen will be showed.
Here is a clip of the test being performed on a TI-84+ SE.
Test on a TI-84 Plus using Wabbitemu
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