Celtic 3 Chatroom
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author: Bio_Hazard1282
version: 4.8.3
summary: 'A Celtic 3 Chatroom for your graphing calculator. The Celtic III library could not be uploaded.'
description: "A Celtic 3 Chatroom for your graphing calculator. (Celtic 3 NOT Included)\n\nEDIT: This link below is the official Celtic 3 Library guide:\nhttp://f.eeems.ca/Resources/program%20readmes/Celtic%20III/ReadME%20Celtic%203%20app.txt"
arcade: '0'
graphics: '0'
platform: '0'
puzzle: '0'
rpg: '0'
strategy: '0'
sports: '0'
casino: '0'
board: '0'
utility: '1'
misc: '1'
compatibility: bb
download: 'archivefile:chat/CHAT.8xp'
image: 'archiveimage:chat-1/CHAT.gif'
fileSize: '3301'
fileSizeUnit: '1'
dateMade: '1534572000'

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