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04/09burr, the founder of the site, has finished contributing to the site, and moved on to other projects. (see his goodbye here)
01/09 — TI-Basic Developer has now existed for approximately two years. Thanks to all that made it a great year, and may the next year be even more successful and exciting.
11/06James Kanjo created a "New Members" section on the home page
18/05 — The development of the TI|BD site logo is complete, and has now replaced the previous site header.
15/05James Kanjo has set up a new framework for infoboxes.
04/05krazyness initiated the development of the TI|BD site logo, to replace the current header.
02/04 — The home page has been updated to automatically retrieve text for news, "did-you-know" tips, and featured articles.
02/04James Kanjo made the Start page automatically retrieve the first 5 news items from the old news section.
30/03burr started the downloads page, and added all of the 68k tutorials that he found on the Internet.
13/03DarkerLine added include pages which make adding a new command page much easier. Go for it!
08/02DarkerLine started a tokenization page, detailing what tokenization is and how it impacts program size and optimization.
02/02DarkerLine put together a calculators page, which provides a brief, but detailed look at the different calculators and their specifications.
01/02DarkerLine started the key codes page, as well as the character codes page.
31/01burr created 68k versions of all of the relevant system pages, which will hopefully minimize any ambiguity or uncertainty about where you are on the site.
31/01DarkerLine added an errors page that lists all of the possible error messages that can occur, including the error numbers and their descriptions.
29/01DarkerLine begins work on this section of the site, creating the homepage, top navigation, command stub and the command index.

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